“I was supposed to fly with Azazi, Yakowa” – Gowon (is there anybody who wasn’t?)

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  1. What we are saying sir is that that action of the political class is an arrogant display of mismanagement of public utility. The helicopter was procured purposely for military assignment and not for such occasions like that let us face fact. While Nigerian regret the unfortunate incident why should the state official vehicle be used for such unofficial functions? What is so special about the President's aid that must have warranted that. I'm surprised if a former head of state who suppose to know better is not reasoning along that line. So if the president is to have a function doing in his village the War Plane or the Presidential jet should be deployed there to convey people so that People will know him as President. The former head of state should not provoke people's feeling against the calibre of the people that died. I'm sure that the former Kaduna state governor, Governor Patrick Yakowa and ex-National Security Adviser, Andrew Azazi would have been regretting their actions now. May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

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