I’m not sleeping with a governor – Nollywood actress, Nuella Njubigbo (and then she releases these HOT? photos)

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6 Responses

  1. Tally says:

    She’s pretty the African way;not skinny and seems proud of it. Kudos,but stay away from trouble.

  2. sucksuck says:

    I don’t believe you, my earnings is in d neigbourhood of d amount quoted monthly or more and I can’t dream of buying an 8million car with high rent, high petrol cost, etc and her case, she has to look chic with designers bags, shoes, clothings, make up etc. She must be agumenting her income from somewhere else aside acting not that I’m saying she did it but with present reality in d country, its impossible to buy an 8million car with dat kind of income chikena.

  3. Nwadike says:

    She should please desist if she were having an affair with Amaechi for the sake of his wife and kids. She’s a good looking girl though.

  4. Adeniyi Samuel says:

    Pls let her use what she has to get what she want.

  5. Adeniyi Samuel says:

    Pls let her use what she have to get what she want.

  6. chiwinni says:

    What do u except she is succesful actress so pple will definetly talk.pls they should give her breathin space to flex her life

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