“It’s hard to find a man” – Chinese billionaire heiress is single and searching, interested? (PICTURED)

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7 Responses

  1. "Another had a more drastic solution: Fake a new identity and get a low-key job. Then you will find true love.”.

    As if everybody with a normal identity and regular job has found true love. Ugly truth honey, there's no true love anywhere. Rather, you find it hanging in awkward and in the strangest of places.

  2. Clive John Obianyor says:

    Just do an Eddie Murphy in 'Coming to America' problem solved.

  3. Babatunde adeniyi says:

    I’m a widower, if ms zong want an african am ready to see her in united-state.am interested.

  4. Ubong Pilate says:

    human rights is absolutely integral to the strategic and economic dialogue.

  5. when you find a caring guy from far distances, what is going to be your respond?

  6. There is always a solution in every problem, if she want a solution let her call or send me a mail if she won't feel too big

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