“It’s hard to find a man” – Chinese billionaire heiress is single and searching, interested? (PICTURED)


Being an heiress is harder than you’d think.

There’s the pressure of living up to your parents, the spotlight of the media and, of course, the daily dilemma over which diamond-dog collar to put on your pocket pooch.

But China’s richest heiress has expounded on another problem: boyfriends. Or the lack thereof.

Zong Fuli, 30,  the daughter of beverage magnate Zong Qinghou (net worth around $12 billion), tells the Chinese edition of Marie Claire that she is “rich and boyfriendless.” She says she can’t find a regular nice guy, and that men simply want her for her money.

“I feel pessimistic about love. Quite often it is hard for girls like me to find a boyfriend. Everyone knows this,” said Miss Zong, who went to Pepperdine University in California and works at her dad’s drinks empire.

“I have simple requests in love. He could be someone who sends me text messages every day with simple greetings such as asking whether I’ve eaten yet, or when I am going to bed. Just a little love and caring would be enough for me. But it is very hard to find a man like this, really.”

She said that most men “just want to do business.”

Needless to say, throngs of single Chinese men have offered themselves to Zong on the internet. (Before you ask, no I don’t have her email address or number.) “I will be your Prince Charming,” wrote one suitor.

Shentan Chenxing, a blogger, said “gold and property will always be more reliable than men.” Others suggested a simple pre-nup would solve her dilemma.

Another had a more drastic solution: “Fake a new identity and get a low-key job. Then you will find true love.”


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  1. "Another had a more drastic solution: Fake a new identity and get a low-key job. Then you will find true love.”.

    As if everybody with a normal identity and regular job has found true love. Ugly truth honey, there's no true love anywhere. Rather, you find it hanging in awkward and in the strangest of places.