Japheth Omojuwa: The APC, Tinubu and its suicidal PDP dance of shame

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10 Responses

  1. Dappy says:

    Nice piece but there is failure to open up on the side those forming the APC. Tinubu is the most corrupt politician in Nigeria of today, he that channeled the whole state revenue trough it pocket. Buhari- a full time extremist that is already segregating before power, don’t you his case will be worst than Morsi of Egypt that wAnted to turn all egyptians to muslim by force.
    Please Japheth always balance the nasty side of them all. God bless you.

    • Lahdécus Magnus says:

      On the contrary,I believe all the balance necessary is right there in the piece.He clearly states that the APC is simply the lesser of two evils. Being the side with something to prove,that’s a rather logical arguement.

  2. amechi says:

    Nice piece and well balanced as regards the collective yearnings of the average nigerian.
    I believe that APC/PDP are all just what they are “FRAUDS”and their ultimate endgame is power and aquisition of wealth,while the wellbeing of nigerians come a distant 3rd if it even come up in their agenda.
    Omojuwa keep it up and gradually nigerians are being sensitised and 2015will be no walkover for these crooks and their conduits.

  3. Mshelizah says:

    APC is just another muslim brother hood simple coz I can’t just understand why all the party executives are from the same faith, where is the Nigerian representation if really u want to be seen as alternative to PDP. Whether we like it or not religion has been rooted into nigerian politics.

  4. Ambassador says:

    It is true we need change. But is GEJ really as bad as we portray him? In my opinion, the greatest mistake of the president is his inability to understand the times and seasons. We have had worse leaders. But gone are the days when you can do any thing as a leader and damn the consequences. As far as Nigerians are concerned, that era ended with OBJ. After fourteen years of democracy, Nigerians have had enough experiment and are now yearning for the real thing. They chosed GEJ over Buhari in 2011 because they wanted a breath of fresh air. It was the kind of hope Egyptians had when they voted for Morsy. This hope can only be satisfied with a drastic, pragmatic, transparent, just and fast-tracked people orientend development. GEJ may have done his beat (about the best in two years), but its obviously a far cry from the many expectations of Nigerians. If he fails to return, he can well be best described as the sacrificial lamb.

    • matemilayo says:

      if truely nigerians need a change we must start it now….enough of all dis party…if action must take it curse …it should start now

  5. Hussein says:

    The APC cannot make it. It is full of vile desperation and lacks integrity. You can contribute to the nation from your party and mustnt be so desperate for power.

  6. Slim alaba says:

    Who are u to call a sitting president “INCOMPETENT”…u pretended by using the word “globally-renowned” meanwhile that is ur thought

  7. Laker s says:

    Gud piece he who hv ears let him hears

  8. sunny says:

    Japhet how much legacy have u left as a leader in ur locality or small family unit?do u think critisizing government blindly is an achievement?I see it as another means to gain cheap popularity.You insult a sitting president because u have the freedom to speak without being harrassed.Hope u know insulting a person and critisizing his policies are 2 different things?If tomorrow u are manhandled people will start screaming press freedom.Let me tell u,press freedom doesn’t give u the right to insult an individual u must know that.Why don’t u spend ur stupid time trying to create a positive impact in the lives of the upcoming youth by going into the villages to impact them physically?or do u think typing rubbish from ur laptop is making impact cuz some ignorant people who can’t even think for themselves are always here to celebrate u?have u tried to fight to defend votes b4?or have u tried to resolve physical clashes b4?u sit here insight the people and gain stupid accolodes,when the streets are boiling u are no where to be found.why don’t u join the numerous youths groups that are out there trying to sensitize the youths on how to be good citizens instead of gaining cheap accolades among ur hopeless fans.

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