“Jonathan is my president, but I will not keep quiet” – Obasanjo

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6 Responses

  1. Philip Alabi says:

    imagine baba's statement………….“It is my passion, patriotism and love that will continue to make me state my views. he still calls it patroitism and love GOD HELP US… IT'S ALL POLITICS, THICK POLITICS.

  2. Balogun olumuyiwa says:

    May d almighty God deliver jonathan and obasanjo

  3. Adeeko joseph says:

    Baba obj is stil God sent to dis nation, if bro Joe follow d baba instruction, all dis manance would have stop

  4. Oleru Prince says:

    it is true that most of our leaders has fail us we need a positive change in next election. please I Mr oleru prince want to work for the nation in next political election. I mean very ready to work at all time without a criminal activity.for more information please call 07063776558.

  5. Mfon Nquoh says:

    anyhow nigeria must survive.

  6. Dauda Shuaibu Luti says:

    Obasanjo and your GEJ, stop deceiving people for your political aims. So we cannot beleive unless we see one has been shoot by another.

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