Jonathan’s visit to police college is meaningless – House C’mittee Chairman

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4 Responses

  1. The house(legislators) is filled with stupid men and who ever this Usman Kumo is, he's leading the pack. The president did well going there to see for himself and not depending on what good-for-nothing committees says. All they do is lie, cheat and take bribes.
    I'm not a GEJ apologist, but good gestures must be praised. Though in his usual way of ruining everything, GEJ rather opted to blame channels TV and opposition for trying to embarrass his government by airing the eye sore of a police college. These guys just keep making lower lows!

  2. Ekwem Nwabueze says:

    What is wrong if he visited? What we should be intrested in is hopeing that his visit will yield something good for the police.

  3. Ebenezer Okebukola says:

    MrPresident did the right thing.I salute him.The President should pay unscheduled visits to Federal Agencies and Facilities including NYSC orietation Camps.State Governors should be doing the same.They will have first hand information on the state of things in areas visited.

  4. Tunde says:

    And what has this loud mouthed Committee chairman and his gang of equally corrupt Committee members done about the state of the police colleges since they have always known about it.Nonsense! He should hide his face in shame.All they ever do is collect bribes all in the name of oversight function.

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