Kayode Kolade: My 1000th freebie (30 Days, 30 Voices)

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    Youth, Hope of the
    youth empowerment
    simply means self
    employment or self
    We Nigerian youth that
    were still schooling we
    can still engage our
    selves in activities that
    can make us to be self
    reliance and productive,
    both academically and
    finacially. Instead of
    wasting our precious
    time and depending on
    others, or engaging our
    selves in suspicious act
    or embarassing things
    that we cant even be
    boast of in the society.
    We can invest that time
    by learnin one skills or
    the other.
    There are so many skills
    that we youth can
    acquire while schooling
    this skills can be
    acquired through
    academic learning and
    studying establishment
    of evening coaching for
    junior ones or pupils
    preparing for common
    entrance examination or
    for junior waec, waec,
    jamb, neco ,etc
    SKILLS: communication
    is different from
    speaking communication
    is the act of sending
    and recieving ideas
    between two or more
    People are employed in
    broadcasting station
    because they
    communicate and
    express ideas better
    than others.
    As a student we can
    develop our
    communicative skills
    when we take
    leadership roles in:
    i. Literary and debating
    ii. Social clubs such as
    junior chamber, in or
    church and mosques,
    local communities
    football clubs etc
    we should be bold, self
    confidence and
    courageous to face
    * Artists skills: this has
    to do with creativity
    ability even imaginary
    This starts when we
    made ourselves
    available in cultural and
    creative art classes. We
    can develop the skill by
    participating in cultural
    and creative art
    competition festival and
    the tiles interest in
    artists and also pay
    attention to what they
    do and how they do
    * Life coping skills
    * Manipulative skills
    Am sure with this you
    will be prepare for
    greater future
    OYINLADE Director of

  • olutosin sodipo

    Made me sober-stop nd reflect 4 a min. Nice piece. D things we tke 4 granted..

  • http://swanbeautyplace.com/ Omosewa

    Very lovely piece Kay! It’s so funny how we take a lot of things for granted and we believe it’s our right to have them. Let us always have an attitude of gratitude.

  • Ucheoma

    For my eyes,ears,straight legs,I thank u God