Kayode Kolade: My 1000th freebie (30 Days, 30 Voices)

Kayode Kolade

I thought to myself. Deeply and soberly, how would it feel if I had to depend on the stranger I cannot see to take my next step?

Griiing! Griiing! The pesky peace-snatching chime of my alarm helps start the day and after snoozing in a little while longer I roll my lazy frame off my comfort and bring my knees to the soft but sure prickings of the rug by my bed. Rubbing my face briskly as though speckles of sleep adorned it, elbows angled and hands clasped, I whispered a few words to the one who made all these and many more possible. Flipping through my bible with eyes scanning steadily for my daily bread, my soul listened for its food.

Foot and ankle; shin, calf and knee; a worthy order with which my weight steadied up in the air. I made for the wardrobe, picking out my clothing for the day. With my green towel in my hands I made for the shower and walked out of it cleaner and moist. I stared into the mirror and beheld for a few seconds, my well-dressed frame and just as seconds gave way to minutes, I hit the road. With cool air brushing past my face and music filtering into my ears, I was headed for work.

And then…

With his shirt buttoned up wrongly, his pants missing every other belt-hole and his foldable staff clutched in his hands, he takes one step at a time, obviously unsure if the next one would afford him another. He feels body heat nearby and whispers in this direction, ‘Could you please help me get on a bus to Obalende?’ The other stranger obliged and while holding his hand, led him on a bus to his destination.

He stepped on and made to take a seat at the empty space that was to occupy the last foldable seat and just then I said, ‘Hold on, may I help you extend the seat?’ with a thankful smile, he said, ‘Thank you sir’ and sat down slowly and carefully. While he sensed that the bus was coming to final halt, he turned to his side as though he could see or even knew the stranger beside him, ‘Could you please lead me out of the bus?

He stood at the ever-busy bus stop, stretching out his staff and then he started making his way forward. Carefully and steadily, in a direction only he knew.

And just then…

I thought to myself. Deeply and soberly, how would it feel if I had to depend on the stranger I cannot see to take my next step? Turn to the next source of body heat to know when to get across the street? And put my weight on a staff, one I cannot even see?

How I take every ‘free gift’ for granted? My eyes see, ears hear, hands hold, legs walk, sense of smell and balance direct, and my mind births. These and many more, are a part of my daily freebies to make a difference with. And here-in lies my 1000th freebie, ‘the ability to thank God for all these and more, willingly’.

You have read, you have seen but wouldn’t it be sin not to use up your 1000th freebie?


Kayode Kolade is an astute project management consultant and strategist, currently practising as a construction professional. He is a passionate writer, with an unrepentant zeal to cause  stir in forging ahead in every endeavor the mind is involved. GenuisMinded (as he is fondly called), finds fulfillment in mentoring and public speaking – @kkolade


30 Days 30 Voices series is an opportunity for young Nigerians to share their stories and experiences with other young Nigerians, within our borders and beyond, to inspire and motivate them.


Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija.



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  • Youth, Hope of the
    youth empowerment
    simply means self
    employment or self
    We Nigerian youth that
    were still schooling we
    can still engage our
    selves in activities that
    can make us to be self
    reliance and productive,
    both academically and
    finacially. Instead of
    wasting our precious
    time and depending on
    others, or engaging our
    selves in suspicious act
    or embarassing things
    that we cant even be
    boast of in the society.
    We can invest that time
    by learnin one skills or
    the other.
    There are so many skills
    that we youth can
    acquire while schooling
    this skills can be
    acquired through
    academic learning and
    studying establishment
    of evening coaching for
    junior ones or pupils
    preparing for common
    entrance examination or
    for junior waec, waec,
    jamb, neco ,etc
    SKILLS: communication
    is different from
    speaking communication
    is the act of sending
    and recieving ideas
    between two or more
    People are employed in
    broadcasting station
    because they
    communicate and
    express ideas better
    than others.
    As a student we can
    develop our
    communicative skills
    when we take
    leadership roles in:
    i. Literary and debating
    ii. Social clubs such as
    junior chamber, in or
    church and mosques,
    local communities
    football clubs etc
    we should be bold, self
    confidence and
    courageous to face
    * Artists skills: this has
    to do with creativity
    ability even imaginary
    This starts when we
    made ourselves
    available in cultural and
    creative art classes. We
    can develop the skill by
    participating in cultural
    and creative art
    competition festival and
    the tiles interest in
    artists and also pay
    attention to what they
    do and how they do
    * Life coping skills
    * Manipulative skills
    Am sure with this you
    will be prepare for
    greater future
    OYINLADE Director of

    olawale david oyinlade January 24, 2013 10:15 am
  • Made me sober-stop nd reflect 4 a min. Nice piece. D things we tke 4 granted..

    olutosin sodipo January 24, 2013 10:04 pm
  • Very lovely piece Kay! It’s so funny how we take a lot of things for granted and we believe it’s our right to have them. Let us always have an attitude of gratitude.

    Omosewa January 24, 2013 10:29 pm
  • For my eyes,ears,straight legs,I thank u God

    Ucheoma January 25, 2013 8:45 am
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