Koko Concert: Hauwa Gambo’s 7 reasons D’banj should be very proud of himself

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39 Responses

  1. Tolu says:

    “thousands of Nigerians stood up to
    support this man D’banj who many claimed
    had lost his touch with Nigerians”

    Nope. Half of those people wouldn’t have showed up if it was just a D’banj concert. They were there to see Big Sean, Idris, etc not D’banj.

    • truthbetold says:

      Your “beef” will not let you reason properly. Those guys you mentioned came because of Dbanj. He invited them on his terms and they are his friends. Dbanj couldn’t have done a show alone, he needed people and he invited crowd pullers like him.

      • Tolu says:

        Exactly..he invited ‘crowd pullers’ because he knew he couldn’t pull one himself.

        • truthbetold says:

          Tou, I don’t know ur age but you sound too much like a child. You can headline a show but your are not going to be the only one to perform on the show for God’s sake. Dbanj has only done what other international artiste do. The ultimate motive is to make a maximum impact that guarantees profit. U are not going to achieve that by inviting rukees and non starters now…lol..wake up Tolu. Open ur mind, forget beef and learn. U can be a better person, don’t destroy ur future with beef and hatred.

  2. Gambo or what so how much were u paid to rant pls let us know cus maybe na u get mouth pass!!!

  3. kinxlee says:

    Gambo!!! Really ds is coming from ur mouth? Cos u were not there to witness the suffer nigerians went thru, and the insult dbnj poured out on the 5k ticket holders, for dbanj to even tell nigerians ‘ am sori for the trek to jerusalem’ is even insulting, it shows he does not even have remorse for his deeds, shame on u gambo for ds write up, u did it cos of d peanut u would get, there is notn to proud of from that koko concert it was a scam and d EFCC should be petitioned here, cos most of the naija artist that were mentioned in the advert were not present.

    • truthbetold says:

      who wasn’t there? Tuface? Have u asked why before you call EFFCC and before fooling yourself? If the other big names could come as promised, so, it doesn’t occur to u that the absence of Tuface and any other Nigerian act is explainable? Pls., wake up and reason properly.

    • Tolu says:

      The ‘sorry for the trek to jerusalem’ comment was beyond appaling. I can’t believe he tried to make a joke out of something so serious.

  4. kinxlee says:

    Follow kinxlee on twitter @kingshizley. God bless

  5. never liked dat nigger anyways.

  6. Edo boy says:

    why are the Igbos so ferocious in condemning anything Yoruba. I’m Edo but I know Igbos cannot compete with Yorubas in any endeavour. Yorubas have always had an upper hand. You want to pull down Dbanj, you’ve forgotten they still have Wizkid, Davido and so on and so forth. They will always come tops no matter what. CNN profiled some artistes recently they did not mention any igbo artiste. Yoruba people are blessed and we all know that, so why the rat race and the stupid tendency to run them down. Back off bad people cos you can’t try them.

    • vivi says:

      Be easy…no one is taking this to a tribal level,Idris Elba is neither Yoruba or Igbo…nd this has NOTHING to do with D’banj being Yoruba .come on!!! Evrybody loves wizkid,and not every yoruba person loves d’banj…why do we like to reason like this..was it only igbos that attended the concert that complained.
      I knw u r just looking for a way to start up something that will create more comments,but atleast a smarter,more intellectual,arguable comment would hve done the trick.

      • me says:

        Its a lie…..all this issue that that and that attack on the internet 90% are coming from ibos u go verify…Dbanj is unarguable the biggest star in Nigeria and africa…all u bigots should continue…next year all of u shall join us again. Whether u were there bcos of dbanj or bigsean or idris, the point is u paid ur money and u were there…that’s all that matters.Bigsean goes to yankee tomorrow he will definitely tell ye…4k u…if ye come next year no show o!!

    • Sam says:

      you re definitely stupid for bringing race on this issue, It seems u have nothing to do with Ur life Just a reminder CNN have featured many Nigerian celebrities both Ibos and Yorubas, so stop causing unnecessary issue out of nothing and find something meaningful to do with your life.

    • steve smith says:

      Edo boy, u are either dead or about to.
      Ur articulation here shows u never exist.
      In Nigeria today, Igbos are more active in all angle name it football, swimming, boxing, music so where do you get ur records? Though I never want to bring tribe but ur crass stupidity deserved urgent damnation.

  7. kinxlee says:

    Dude talking about ibo and yoruba, seriously???? Cmon look for sometn constructive to say, @kingshizley

  8. easy says:

    Where does this foolish gambo spring up from?. How much were u paid to come and rant this jargons on here if u have better things to do is better u go and face it rather than coming here to say what u did not know anything about.

  9. Reil says:

    I dont know y u ppl r still arguing… The koko himself admited his flaws. So gambo stfu! U speak so much fallacy. Yes Dbanj fucked up buh he is still a boss.

  10. Ada says:

    Am I the only one who noticed all the grammatical errors in this write up?
    And as for Hauwa, the fans should always be put first!!! And the fans dont seem too happy!!!

  11. IBIKUNLE MATTS says:

    with all said and done Gambo u r right in some ways some beef d’banj not because of anything just because he is no more with DON JAZZY buh dey have forgottin that when dey want to start this journey no one was there and no approver from anybody….life goes on yoruba addis say 20 children cant play for 20yrs so let dem be….whatever d’banj do is not alwYS OK bcos is not with don jazzy again……i love dem both and d’banj as always be man since BIGUP more to ur elbow……xxx

    • korede says:

      U be fool. Why don jazz neva make good muzic as in hit track abi dr sid afefe na hit track abi wande c :u see me ri na hit track omo dbanj still make hit top of the world na hit dbanj u be the baba there fada dey self hear dbanj joor ooo dey there de talk

      • IBIKUNLE MATTS says:

        korede mind ur words u dont need to use abbuse words here. Everyone love dbanj and he hiz my numba artist any day any time…..xxx

  12. chyke says:

    I can’t even believe dis unnecessary tribal talk, genevive was on cnn and on oprah, get ur facts ryt…. Pls dbanj’s hit song is oliver twist abi, isn’t it donjazzy’s song… .. The truth is dat people expected soo much from d obviously over hyped concert, y should we beef dbanj????.. D painful part is dat d money has gone into his pocket weather u trekked or not, buh I’m sure nigerians won’t be soooo stupid to pack deir sef der next year….

  13. David says:

    Just a quick question for those who attended the concert….. How did the VVIP’s get to the venue? Did they have to trk the long trk to jerusalem or were they helicoptered there or were they allowed to drive down to d venue? Someone please????

  14. David says:

    Just a quick question for those who attended the concert….. How did the VVIP’s get to the venue? Did they have to trek the long trek to jerusalem or were they helicoptered there or were they allowed to drive down to d venue? Someone please????

    • sanda says:

      U re so cheap as nothing to claim to be an Edo boy.u can’t even proudly say u re yoruba hahahaha u wish u re from ma state, abeg no bring ma edo enter this talk cos koko kiniko na flopppppp dbanj accepted d fact himself, n from the look of things I dnt think ibos re competing wif any tribe they re just hardworking they only care about their hustle so mr imposter talk about ur show n live the dear tribe to enjoy their xmas peacefully in their homes of course u should know they all traveled for d xmas n have no such time talking about bullshit concert

      • mbauwa says:

        thanks my dear.

        why must people get igbo as a tribe involved in every argument, why not hausa or others.

        some times i get tired of listening, discussing or participating in nigeria issues because at the end i will have to defend my tribe.

  15. Jumoke says:

    This article is incredibly foolish and filled with grammatical errors. The point is the event was poorly organized. All that was needed was a crew to direct all vehicles to the parking area. You cannot leave impatient Nigerians alone to figure that out hence the mess created.

    The point about the venue is moot cause if you know anything about Eko Atlantic and Eko Hotel, you will know that the two venues are owned by the same people. So it is not flipping the middle finger to Eko Hotel. Do some research before writing up crap.

    And people saying those complaining are “beefing” are complete idiots. The event was an organizational mess. Nothing wrong with complaining about that or the fact that those who had VIP tickets were farthest from the stage!

    This write up angers me more than the actual mess of a concert.

    • me says:

      Sorry Jumoke(if that’s yiur real name) u r daft…..”.eko hotel and eko atlantic are owned by the same pple indeed”. u must be insane to think that way. did u ever go to eko atlantic b4now?now u know the place, that is thr intention of the owners of the atlantic. all these ibo warloards commenting in yoruba names mase

  16. smoothgenius says:

    Hmm…interesting thread.

    my perspective…

    Koko Concert is packaged with a constellation of different interrelated celebrities spanning from Hollywood to American Music industry and our evergreen Nigerian Artists, which is a giant stride any would aspire to take.

    D’Banj is a great guy, whom is on a pedestal of his own class but needs to be schooled more in taking business decisions. Please note empirically bad business decision can plummet great golden brand.

    Sincerely, I was not at the concert but surprisingly all my friends abroad saw it live via real time online streaming. This is an impressive innovative feat embracing technology in Africa in another dimension which actually worked.

    Sadly, all the attendees were the lab rat used as a litmus test to prove a point. “Smile” sorry guys you worked a couple of thousand meters.

    Finally to the author of this write up; the Gtbank you ranting on, do you by chance have a clue on the stake of the org. In the concert. I bet it they will send reps to follow up.

    Next year shall be a good avenue to ascertain peoples position.

  17. racyella says:

    Hauwa Gambo, its true what tunde bakare said about you, now I can see ur really a nameless faceless sycophant.how can u still blow such big lie of africa with what lagosians suffered on that night.it amases me*mental note to self, stay away frm gambos articles, they are full of shit*

  18. Just sayin says:

    Okay Hauwa i like were you are going with this but its slightly flawed: It was never in doubt that Dbanj is able to pull a crowd. Most people out there came out to see what he could do post Mo Hits. And if this is what he served up believe me flexing and canoodling with all the international acts whose songs we cant relate to wont save him. And as for big brands, when your ship starts to sink they’ll be the first out of the ship. If tries this again, all so called big brands will drop him like a sack of hot potatoes. Our Nigerian artistes now have the fame but they losing their craft. Most successful acts don’t rest on their laurels and keep living on fame alone, they hone their craft , they see every opportunity to take it to the next level. This was his moment to prove his relevance and he blew it big time. he may get another shot at it but if he doesn’t improve, Oliver Twist might as well be his swan song

    And can Nigerians disagree without resorting to petty name calling.

  19. D'banja I dey feel u bro iz your boi D'mike.

  20. D'banja I dey feel u bro iz your boi D'mike.

  21. Henry EU says:

    D’banj you are too good, you got more than you expected that nigth.

  22. OLUWASEUN says:


  23. cantata says:

    Who said d’banj is below 30.? Mr.writer , better get your facts straight.

  24. hauwa.. Don't mind some stupid 9gerians.. What do u expect frm them.. They beef another person's glory.. Let them stay in one place while d'banj, myself also you(hauwa) and those that rejoice with successful people.. Go higher and higher.. D'banj, Oluwa is involved.

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