LOL? University student accused of turning girl into snake for rituals (PHOTOS)

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    it is incredible and uncotfull to heir this kind of polutin story, well if iam to lay my own vew i will sugest dat boy shuld be forced to tun the girl back to human being, & if its imposible if there is any provition of such crime he shuld be jugde & sentes to presion by life in presiment. Or let him be kiled.

  • afelumo micheal

    let him turn d snake 2 human being again

  • Abraham Onyekachi Ejionwu

    IT is good 4 the girls 2 learn something from it, bec a girl who is eating a man’s money have @least 2 know where the money comes from, but what girls of this days want is 2 eat money fro gays without knowing the source of it, there4 they wil pay.

  • Sewoniku Gabriel

    Sorry 2 say dose guys may nt be @ 4t it may be due 2 frends or fellow students who pressurizes dem wit gagets nd wat dey get 4rm parent are nt enough 2 get wat dey wat……but all d same dey shld be punish 4 makin others cry jst becos dey wnt 2 get fast money….God’s time is d best

  • amaka

    Can they later come to human beingns agab