Meet Jesus Holiness, Saint MiyeriJesu, the Demon Destroyer, World Leader & Bishop of the Whole World (LOOK)

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4 Responses

  1. Caius says:

    Beware of false Prophets! Many will come in my name and even claim to be the Christ, heal in my name and perform miracles in my name. Be WarneD for the time is noT near

  2. Kome Ovo says:

    DKJ has been around for a long time, if you’re waiting for scandals from that fellow you’re probably in for a long wait…he might be sanctimonious but leave men of God alone, they usually do not force anyone to believe them.

  3. vicky says:

    To whoever wrote this piece i say a big REPENT! Or else you and your supporters will end up in Hell as a burning meat!

    Hope you know that most of the stories you wrote down are all lies. My dear, why do you want to damage your life? Don’t you know that you will give account of this piece on JUDGEMENT DAY, OR are you not a christian? Have you forgotten that the Bible says that, every one will give account of every silly word spoken?

    This piece disgust me so much! Please if you don’t know the the right story, why not look for other things to do. There is a word that says, “HALF A KNOWLEDGE DAMAGES MORE THAN NONE” This statement is referring to you direct, because you don’t have the full and right information about this Man of God, yet you just conclude with the wrong one which is even more hurting! Pls look for another career if you have nothing reasonable to do than all these. JUDGE NOT THAT YE MAYNOT BE JUDGED! REPENT! again i say.

  4. F-Ben says:

    Who are you to speak about SAINT DIKEJI MIYERIJESU? If you have nothing reasonable doing, go and look for better things to do. If I may ask, who appoints you as a judge; is that the problems of your life. I will warn you to watch what you say in this life, for what you don’t know is more than you. But remember you must pay for this…

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