Meet Jesus Holiness, Saint MiyeriJesu, the Demon Destroyer, World Leader & Bishop of the Whole World (LOOK)

Saint Dikeji...

by Akan Ido

The religiousity in Africa, and Nigeria in particular is legendary. Many religious leaders have come and gone, with several others sprouting up around us everyday. One of them is a church founder based in Warri, Delta state, Jesus Holiness, Saint Daniel Dikeji MiyeriJesu, the Demon Destroyer, also known as Osuakpeje (World Leader) and Bishop of the Whole World.

Saint Dikeji as he is popularly called, claims to be called and ordained by Jesus Christ himself in a religious encounter that sounded very much like the Samuel encounter in the Old Testament Bible.

Saint Dikeji

While describing the surreal experience of his first encounter with God, Saint Dikeji reportedly heard, “Heard a loud voice, saying ‘Dikeji’ (his native name), he turned around to see who was calling, but couldn’t find anybody. He took a few steps further and heard the voice the second time ‘Dikeji’. He turned back again, and couldn’t find anyone, so he decided to continue on his movement towards the Crusade arena.

As He moved further, he heard the voice the third time calling more loudly the same name ‘Dikeji’. At this point he stood, turned back and suddenly, the Lord began to speak to him, saying “I am sending you as a distributor.”

A distributor?

Saint Dikeji continued narrating god’s charge to him saying he asked the voice a naive question on what exactly he is supposed to distribute.

“A distributor of what? Is it of beer?” he asked.

The voice replied, “I am making you a distributor of my word… I will give you power to represent me on earth.”

Saint Dikeji in action: Destroying charms and shrines

Sources who claim to know the pastor’s roots say he was once a member of the Warri Anglican Diocese until he decided to stand alone just like a lot of clergy men do.

Reports explain the pastor’s title transformation from simply Miyeriaye to the Bishop opf the world saying: “The name, ‘Miyeriaye’ means ‘I praise them.’  But that was in the past. As soon as he broke lose from the Anglican fold, this chap promptly changed his name to ‘MiyeriJesu’ (I praise Jesus).  His followers then began to affectionately call him DKJ. Soon, he added ‘Osu’ to his name. Osu means leader.  Then he added ‘Demon Destroyer’ (Double D).

“Then came ‘Jesus Holiness.’  Not quite content, he added ‘Saint’ in front of his names and titles.  His followers and the media now refers to him as Saint DKJ.  Still not quite happy, he has recently added ‘Bishop of the Whole World’ to his ever growing names and titles. You would hate to see his business card.”

Others who have experienced the pastors elaborate religious propaganda say his billboards compete favourably in number with that of the state governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan.

Reports say there is a giant billboard of him at a very busy junction in Warri where he announced his ordination as bishop of the whole world.

Billboards with a picture showing him in a kneeling position before a Caucasian Jesus is one of the more prominent ones.

Saint Dikeji bases his preaching on his fight against idol worshipping and it is not unusual to see his convoy of exotic cars with blaring sirens moving around Warri town from one location to another.

The clergyman has a large following in Delta with many of his ardent followers vowing that he his truly called by God and he is here to stay. Whether the Saint Dikeji, the Bishop of the whole world is here to stay is not for us to determine, only time will tell.

While we all wait for time to prove all men true, we watch and keep our fingers crossed.

Watch Saint Dikeji’s sermon below:


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  1. Beware of false Prophets! Many will come in my name and even claim to be the Christ, heal in my name and perform miracles in my name. Be WarneD for the time is noT near

  2. DKJ has been around for a long time, if you’re waiting for scandals from that fellow you’re probably in for a long wait…he might be sanctimonious but leave men of God alone, they usually do not force anyone to believe them.

  3. To whoever wrote this piece i say a big REPENT! Or else you and your supporters will end up in Hell as a burning meat!

    Hope you know that most of the stories you wrote down are all lies. My dear, why do you want to damage your life? Don’t you know that you will give account of this piece on JUDGEMENT DAY, OR are you not a christian? Have you forgotten that the Bible says that, every one will give account of every silly word spoken?

    This piece disgust me so much! Please if you don’t know the the right story, why not look for other things to do. There is a word that says, “HALF A KNOWLEDGE DAMAGES MORE THAN NONE” This statement is referring to you direct, because you don’t have the full and right information about this Man of God, yet you just conclude with the wrong one which is even more hurting! Pls look for another career if you have nothing reasonable to do than all these. JUDGE NOT THAT YE MAYNOT BE JUDGED! REPENT! again i say.

  4. Who are you to speak about SAINT DIKEJI MIYERIJESU? If you have nothing reasonable doing, go and look for better things to do. If I may ask, who appoints you as a judge; is that the problems of your life. I will warn you to watch what you say in this life, for what you don’t know is more than you. But remember you must pay for this…