Meet the Class of 2013! The Future Awards Africa releases list of 75 inspiring young nominees for Season 8 [FULL LIST]

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18 Responses

  1. Sonia says:

    melody has worked so hard,he deserves to be appreciated and so he is our wiiiiiinnnnnnnneeeeerrrrr!!!!!

  2. ekanem john says:

    Melody Okwuazu my guy, is our award, we must win! And we don win..

  3. Khadijah says:

    Congrats Ijeoma and Rita. I’m proud of both of you. Well done and Good luck.

  4. onayiga abibat says:

    Oh My God! Go Melody Okwuazu, we are right beside you anytime!

  5. Hafsy jibo says:

    Melody my son ,Congaratulations ,I knw you are hard working God will see u thru .By the grace of God will win.Congrats once more

  6. rukky says:

    Melody my brother you are a hard working brother keep it up and make mama proud God will be wiv u

  7. believe says:

    Ugochi Anyaka d Enviromental Journalist,Trust u are coming back with the award.U have done well.Proud of you.

  8. Eugene says:

    Vera u are soaring like the eagle. Na u get am for fashion and style. VNC all d way.

  9. eva says:

    Ugochi anyaka all d way….proud of u gurl

  10. presh says:

    Its all about u Vera, go gal…u deserve it. VNC rocks

  11. Tonye sobio says:

    Melody okwuazu,you’re the best! Go get the award for us!

  12. zainab says:

    Maryam Augie is a dedicated, focused, selfless,and hardworking young woman. You deserve the recognition and appreciation dear sis. We are proud of you. Wishing you many more successful years. May God continue to guide and bless you.

  13. Ugochi Anyaka I believe you will come home with the trophy am so proud 0f you.

  14. Osaretin idahosa says:

    Tobore Oro, indeed you deserve the award, we are poud of you. Congrates.

  15. Iziengbe Tom says:

    Come back a winner Ofuzim!we are all behind you

  16. akajiogu chioma u says:

    Ugochi, u hve taken journalism to anoda level becos of ur deep and real passion. Its time to be rewarded. Go get the award. Best of luck. Luv uuUuuuuuuuuuu

  17. NG ENEZE says:

    Ugo Bbe,truly you a force.Go get de award garl;it’s yours.Bonne chance!

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