“Men are morons”, and Blackberries have ruined dating – Toke Makinwa has a lot to say (WATCH)

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  1. Ife Uma says:

    Hi Toke, your video really cracked me up because what you said is actually true. To make matters worse, I’m guity of it, even very recently.

    My take…

    I think the dating game is simply taking the route of all the other societal values that are losing their appeal. I don’t see things going back to what they used to be anytime soon.

    There are quite a number of angles to this discussion but I’ll just mention a few.

    An Ignored call is more painful than an ignored chat and it’s also easier to tell when a girl isn’t interested mosttimes from chatting. A guy can even console himself by deleting the chic if he doesn’t like what he’s getting. These days guys won’t call unless they’re really interested or if they want to set up an outing with her. Sadly, some guys even ask new girls out via BBM. If the girl doesn’t have a blackberry then it actually becomes a negative for her…

    I’m sure you’d also guess there are some cost saving benefits gained from chatting as well! Lol!

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