Muslim who raped girl, 13, not jailed because his “religion doesn’t teach that sex with a child is wrong” (PICTURED)

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18 Responses

  1. Aleeyu BN says:

    Islam will never allow fornication. He committed a sin and its made public because he’s Muslim. Islam protects women. Islam elevates women. If you know Arab history and Islam well you will understand what I mean. Never have I seen or heard that in Islam ‘women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground’. Fornication is a MAJOR sin in Islam. And prophet Muhammad(saw) stressed that people should respect women, especially our mothers.

  2. Haruna Aliyu says:

    Is it d teachings of d school he went to or the teachings of Islam,because there is a serious punishment for that in the Holy Qur'an

    • Abdulhakeem Idris Waziri says:

      bloody lies, you guys using media to destroy our religion, you can own everything, but we will always be victorious fools

  3. Jak Clark says:

    Disgusting – did he live in a basement when not at school?

  4. salihu kwairanga says:

    This story is misleading and malicious. The girl according to the judge was willing… Does that sound like a rape? Moreover putting emphasis on the fact that he is a muslim is wrong. Islam is against all these immoral and despicable acts even when committed willingly and where it is a rape the punishment is very severe.

    • Y! Editor Copy says:

      Sex with a minor is rape under the law. Whether the minor was willing or not. Under the law, minors cannot give consent. Thank you.

  5. Muhammad abubakar says:

    raping is absolutely a huge crime in Islam punishable by death, I think the judge was ignorant of Islamic laws or, was deliberately trying to castigate Islam in any case it is a crime to rape in Islam

  6. Abdurrahman B. says:

    This case has nothing to do with Islamic school he attended,is just the boy committed an offence which is punishable by law,but the assertion made that the teachings of Islam are unusual education is not correct. Islam states everything clearly that the youngest man can ever understand than any other teaching. So do not associate what is wrong to its teachings,because Islamic teaching are the complete way of life.

  7. Zaman Adamov says:

    what school is that? He comitted adultry, which is punishable in Islam. In Islam it clearly states what marriage is and what sexual relationship with a wife. The reason they are not mentioning the schools name becoz the story is fake. IF Muslims find out there is a school teaching this they will burn it down. This is another way, cheap way, a played out way to hurt Islam. Even non Muslims can pick up a copy of Quran and read what Muslims say and do when it comes to sex. I bet this guy is not even a muslim. And what law takes this as an exuse. This whole story is made by a 14 year old who just discovered he hates Islam.

  8. solomon ahgo says:

    the judge said ”i agree that the girl was quite willing to have sex with you” meaning it was consentual not rape so please change the heading.
    However i thought ignorance was (is) not an excuse in the court of law

    • Y! Editor Copy says:

      Sex with a minor is rape under the law. Whether the minor was willing or not. Under the law, minors cannot give consent.

  9. tally says:

    That is a big fat lie, we all know that Islam forbids sex without marriage so that makes him liable.

  10. yahuza salis says:

    Innalillahi wa inna Ilaihi raji’un. This is un Islamic,and thats why we(muslims) agains teaching our youngs sex education,because practice must be done this is for the sex edu. Legally this young chap committed a sinful act thats having sex with out marriage even if the two party agreed upon (ie thier case)in Islam the punishment of such act is 100 lashes to each publically. How ever,I wonder what type of school he attended and who are the teachars?are they muslims?do they master the Holy Quran and sunnah of our Rasuul?I doubt either becouse a good muslim will never command such act nor will he comfired woman value with lollypoop.its Islam that give them full freedom from burrying them alive into living,to be respected been mothers,to cover their body to protect them selves for been attacked or RAPED.anyway thats the problem that we muslim are encountring non Muslims are always Missunderstanding the concept of Islam,gradually the truth shall set us free. Read more about islam you can judge anything your self. MAY ALLAH PROTECT US AND GUIDE US AMEEN

  11. jaafar says:

    People commit rape but why must the article link his faith and his ignorance about it.
    I don’t think there is any religion or way of life that cherish,protect women like ISLAM as evidence by the life of the prophet(S.A.W)
    And there is appropriate punishment for adulterers and fornication.