#MyOgaAtTheTop: “Why should he be punished, did he commit any crime?” – NSCDC defends Lagos commandant over TV flop

Obafaiye Shema

Some top officials of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) and the Civil Defense, Immigration, Prisons and Fire Service Board (CIPFB) in charge of discipline, promotion and recruitment in the para-military agencies have broken their silence on the blunder by the Lagos State commandant of the corps.

Obafaiye ordeal started when he appeared on Channel Television morning programme, Sunrise, last week and when asked the NSCDC website, the commandant said, “hmmm, The Website is Excuse me, My Oga at the top knows the website. he later cleared his throat and said “My Oga at the top is Working on the Website and I Don’t have them, and goes on to say the website is, “www.nscdc.”.

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One of the officials who spoke to LEADERSHIP Sunday on condition of anonymity, said despite the public perception of the much publicised error, there was no group to championing the removal or suspension of the commandant.

The source, who condemned what he described as unholy celebration of a minor error, advised Nigerians to stop falling prey of the antics of mischievous persons who had chosen to sponsor the “dirty harassment in the social media, in a bid to halt the commandant’s openness in handling oil thieves.”

Another source at the NSCDC national headquarters who also craved not to be named, said the speculation of the error in the social media was the handiwork of vandals and their godfathers.

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He noted that the choice to spread the weakness was unconnected to the commandant’s resolve to take legal measures against those who defraud the government through oil theft.

He said: “Do not be surprised that even the so-called chief executives of some agencies until now, did not know their websites. I am not saying that this is an excuse but I am saying that his personality should not have been dragged into the mud.

As you may be aware, until his resumption of duty in Lagos, the crime against Nigeria’s economy was swept under the carpet. But how can this hero who means business in fighting oil theft, be paid this way? Those vandals should stop crying wolf over nothing.”

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He also noted that the man in question is a patriotic Nigerian who does his job with diligence and passion and should be celebrated instead of being maligned. Asked if he sensed any fowl play with the interviewers, he posited: “Well, what I do not understand is whether embarrassing their guest is part of their organisation’s goal and mission statement. I will however leave them for the public to judge.”

On whether he has been suspended, the source retorted, why should he be punished? Did he commit any crime that is inimical to our economy? Let us have it in our mind that it could be anyone. It could be you, I or even these vandals.”

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  1. Please call †ђe man back to work;even GEJ can perform worse if he doesn't have prior knowledge of †ђe questions to be ask;channels ought to provide their guests likely questions to be asked especially when its going to be a live broadcast.

  2. I think there is no one above this mistake.moreover, i think before someone would be interviewed live, he should have been informed of †ђe scope within which he's going to be interviewed.from †ђe look of things, channels tv too fell short of their responsibility;would they 've interviewed GEJ without him knowing †ђe questions before the interview? nonsense;kindly call †ђe man back to his job because †ђat's not †ђe best means to pay a man back for working for his country.

  3. Some pple talk lyk dey don’t hav sense…is it nw a crime to watch a regular live program…and unfortunate for d Dude some1 tort it best to crop his popular phrase and post it on d net…mistakes r made every day on thoes type of shows..bcous I watch dat program..lyk I said earlier he is just unfortunate….and as nigerians with plenty problems they like a good laugh…even doh no one knew it will get dis far…so don’t blame them..but d person who posted d video..bcous abt d ‘oga @ d top..no one is perfect so no one can blame him..and. Abt d info in dis blog..it is entirely unreasonable for them to punish him…bcous its not his fault…and he shouldn’t feel too embarrased bcous I bet 99% don’t even knw his name or d full meaning of NSCDC…aside d silly pple. Followin d guys kids on twitter..*totally senseless*…and anoda tin dat gingers pple abt dis ish is bcous aside d fact of his blunder, according to sources he hard work at office..but they r many pple in dis country dat r worse…and graduates r they sufferin on d streets…so it a lesson to those type of pple to. Beware of tv shows…and for more worthy pple to be put at d rite post…bcous our first lady is insulted every day…but der was no punishment..bcous her post doesn’t require a degree..anyhow…thank u for teachin us a lesson and givin us a good laff..and hope u get ur job and dignity back…and pple pls tink b4 u post..

  4. This man has not committed any crime as regard his publicised error. It could have been anyone, though might not be the same error. It’s so painful that those presenters could not display some elements of professionalism to cover the shame of the commandant as this has not only affected the family but also has given this country a bad reputation.
    The man in question may be better than people behind the sanction, he may not be corrupt as they are, as patriotic as he is, they may not be, so why should his personality be dragged into the mud?
    In fact, I don’t know how to qualify the sanction passed on him. Has the first lady ever been stopped from addressing the public despite her disgusting blunders?
    I know some people will criticise me, but you can only be right if you don’t make silly mistakes or if you or people around you are PERFECT.
    May God continually bless our country…

  5. The comment from all the para-military leaders, exhibits the level of their stupidity and the bullshit they ulter from their mandible.
    Its all total nonsense. Nigerians are now civilised no hanky Panky

  6. No one can say Channels did this or not. The program was aired on TV anybody with tech know-how (which isn’t rare for this level) could crop this video from the program and air it. I highly doubt these presenters or any one on channels would risk their job like this just for a laugh. As for us “citizens” let us remember that the world laughs at us as we publicise our errors, be watchful of what makes you laugh and what makes you sad. It pained me to see this go viral in the manner it did. I’m not talking on if he should be punished or not, I’m saying: every man look at your own self and do what you know is right. God bless Nigeria.

  7. Is quite unfortunate that Nigerian will leave their personal problems and makes jokes about what is not funny @ all. It is not the responsibility of this man to know his organisation websites but on the other hand it will have been better if he knows it. He as been in service for more than 20years carrying out his responsibility well before the introduction of ICT into the organisation he is not the ICT director so i wonder why people want to crucify him. I bet you most of this people coming with critics don’t they don’t even know the name of their Dean of faculty yet they laugh commandant that as nothing to do with websites. Nigerian should pls stop this unnecessary critics.

  8. @ Benet,You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Due to incompetent idiot like that man,billions of Nigerians are dying because all they are good at is to squander our money and you talking about his family. If he has to be the scape goat for Nigerians to.see the true picture of what is going on at the top,then so be it. Channels did the right thing and I applaude them for their courage.



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  11. I want to state that he is a square peg in a round hole and he should be sacked. He has shown that he is an educated illitrate while we have so many qualified unenployed graduates roaming our streets.

  12. Interior minister please call this man back to work because English is not his papa language after all no one is perfect.

  13. If Channels TV was responsible for passing the video around,that is childish of them & highly unprofessional. You have subjected a man’s family to ridicule for cheap popularity. It will turn around to hurt you. You just wait & see. Who knows all he should? Not one soul!

    1. Obviously u don’t know that channels is fully online now,they aint responsible for the embarrassment the man caused himself. A simple question was asked and if he doesn’t know. He simply says I do not know than making trying to answer the question there by making a comedy of himself n what he represents.
      This is warning to public office holders be prepared when coming for a TV interview its either u sale urself or redicle ursef………more grease to d elbows of the interviewers in channels

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