Named and shamed: 4 soldiers dismissed for raping and assaulting women in Abuja

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5 Responses

  1. U.S Samuel. says:

    It is no more business as usual.No more kill and go but kill and stay to bear the consequence.

  2. Hamza Auwalu says:

    May god ppted us devils.

  3. Umar Hassan says:

    What the happenies for that woman.

  4. Njemanze Dorothy says:

    I commend the army thus far. These are not the only ones. If those that assaulted me were brought to book, since september/october, these women would not have been raped. All those who have been participating in abduction of women need to account for their deeds! Who were those deployed to violate women and other innocent civilians on 29th september 2012? There were soldiers and man o’war men! The Nigerian army has promised me today all those involved in assaulting me would be brought to book as well, and I beliieve them. For all I know, the apprehended people could be part of those that assaulted me. If they are, betweeen september 29th and mid december, you can imagine how many victims there have been. All those who have potrayed the Nigerian army as a terror to womanhood must be brought to book.

  5. clara chi says:

    God bless d Nigeria Army

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