Not in my church! Pastor refuses to perform ceremony because of bride’s ‘sexy dress’ (PICTURED)

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11 Responses

  1. Good of you pastor . May Almighty God be with you forever . May be they think that the so call men of God are after money ,they do not know that we have changed totally

  2. MWD says:

    My oh my! This happened in the States. Integrity and discipline @ itz peak. Liberal societies like the United States have not lost all its morale afterall……

  3. emmanuel says:

    You’re blessed pastor Canty. If Juses himself was to join the dou would she present herself that way in His church? #endtime.

  4. chuks Onugha says:

    Well done Pastor!!! The Church is not Las Vagas!

  5. habeeohdun says:

    Finally! Someone stands up 4 what is right in good old US of A! If she dresses like that on her wedding day,be rest assured she’s probably gonna traipse the countryside nude in the nearest future!

  6. wisdom says:

    Pastor , heaven rejoice over your steadfastness of truth, while earth cryieth for your down-fall, God is bigger than them

  7. Adesunloye Caleb Olu says:

    Pastor, i salute you. You’ve show us that you are a true follower of Christ. I will like those who have not receive Jesus Christ to do so, because He was crucify for your sins. Give your life to Jesus, He gives peace.

  8. Ejiro says:

    is this a wedding dress? unique personality indeed. they thought he was joking when he asked whr the reamaining part of the dress is. hahahahaha.

  9. Okunade Adesina says:

    There are pastors nd there are pastors.Men of God must not compromise on d standard of d scriptures.The world may b changing bcos of d so-called civilization BUT d standard of God remains imperative nd unchanged.Thank God we still hv pastors who can stand on godly principle

  10. Betty Clift says:

    Way to go pastor! Some people have no respect for the HOUSE OF THE LORD!

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