Ohimai Amaize: On PDP, so you want to oppress too? (Y! Politico)

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3 Responses

  1. Nice piece. The kind of change we advocate for. Devoid of praising the PDP or telling us there is no real alternative.
    Sir if u continue writing in this stone, u may win my heart back!

  2. It is the jungle justice mentality that just refuses to go away from our thought pattern and way of life….Good one Ohimai.

  3. Oge says:

    Thank God 4 antecedents in this war for change. We would get to where we ought to be without resulting to violence. Good piece, tho I disagree with ur idea of us seeking a leader able to punish our enemies. I think what most Nigerians want, myself inclusive, are leaders that can and would reform the judiciary, ensure that new & existing laws are enforced and that law enforcement agencies function optimally. More so, a sincere leadership having a high sense of integrity, and upholds accountability, transparency and liberty.

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