Ohimai Amaize: On PDP, so you want to oppress too? (Y! Politico)

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  • http://www.labzyspeaks.wordpress.com Adelabu Adeola (LABZY)

    Nice piece. The kind of change we advocate for. Devoid of praising the PDP or telling us there is no real alternative.
    Sir if u continue writing in this stone, u may win my heart back!

  • Oge

    Thank God 4 antecedents in this war for change. We would get to where we ought to be without resulting to violence. Good piece, tho I disagree with ur idea of us seeking a leader able to punish our enemies. I think what most Nigerians want, myself inclusive, are leaders that can and would reform the judiciary, ensure that new & existing laws are enforced and that law enforcement agencies function optimally. More so, a sincere leadership having a high sense of integrity, and upholds accountability, transparency and liberty.