OMG! Doctors remove maggots from lady’s vagina after contracting STDs (DON’T WATCH)

by Tony Obi


A new STD called the  ‘sex superbug’ an anti-biotic resistant bacteria was said to have caused the growth of live maggots which were removed from the body of a lady in the video.

According to the doctors, she had unprotected sex and caught the STD which developed into huge maggots in her vagina.

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The maggots were removed in the crudest way possible and shown live in the video for all to see. Maybe to serve as a warning to sexually active folks to always use a condom to prevent the spread of this new STD.

The video requires a lot of courage to watch and not for the faint-hearted.

– Click below to watch video [Viewer Discretion advised]



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  1. This story is complete bullshit! Anyone who went to high school knows you can NOT get maggots from a damn STD. Whoever is saying this is from an STD is stupid. How those maggots got in that chicks snatch is beyond me…and I really do NOT want to know!

  2. I agree you can't get maggots from an STD!! However medicinal maggots are sometimes used to eat the dead tissue of an infected wound. Since they only eat pus and infection, they are said to be more effective than most antibiotics on the market. Learn something people!! Don't just fall for anything!!

  3. Whatever in the he'll happened that's some nasty shit! I understand getting your point across that is wrong on an infinite level!

  4. This is a lie. This happened in India the woman had gause left her after childbirth and it became infected hence the maggots.

  5. gotta re-educate urself sweety.. maggots…especially the ones u see on rotting meat…. come from the flys that lie their eggs on the meat so they can eat it… not from bacteria.. where in the fooshnickens did you learn that maggots are formed.. from bacteria lol?

  6. this story is false This is not a super STD, this is a result of hospital and personal hygiene neglect. The hospital did not correctly pack a wound from this woman giving birth and ten days later it was infected…

  7. that’s fucking disgusting
    an STD bacteria created an environment that attracted flies to lay their eggs (likely while she slept)

    that’s the same as the flies attracted to a rotting garbage can

  8. Hey I may be wrong too like many of you but the hospital might have neglected to take gauze out but also if it is an new std that is antibiotic resistant then they would more then likely use them maggots to eat the in faction off of the infected tissue………