Opinion: Christmas is not of Christ, but of Baal worship

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5 Responses

  1. Afolabi says:

    Kindly get more reliable answers from the Bible through the site . Open the site and navigate to Bible questions answered.

  2. mayaki catherine precious says:

    Please may I ask if you are a Jew? Because if you are not, you would know that christmas is for everybody. No date was accounted to be the birth of Jesus no doubt but you have no right to say what you said. Christmas has nothing to do with baal dear brother in Christ. Let’s not divide the body of Christ all in the name of selfish interest.

  3. victor says:

    My dear, you r just trying to get knwn wich u wudnt find. Ow is celebrating the birth of Jesus a sin accoeding to the bible? Its even beta if we substitute dates marked for satanic celebration into celebrating christ, cos its God dat owns all days of our lives and so everyday is God’s day. Please if you do not av somthing beta to post for recognition,go down the road and HUG a TRANSFORMER.

  4. shehu usman says:


  5. michelle says:

    If you truly care about pleasing Jehovah, you would consider what he just said and make your own findings instead of blindly sticking to what you were taught from childhood. You have your bible with you. Go through it. If you think he’s lying then go ahead and eat ur rice and chicken. No one will force you to believe

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