Opinion: Corruption is the derivative

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  1. Cj Lagos says:

    Your opinion is very much “on point”. I can bet you, that your opinion about corruption is being discussed, in highly charged em-passionate gathering anywhere in Nigeria or outside Nigeria, as we speak! You see, we love to make noise about our selfish thieving government officials at such places, but fail to take actions when necessary. We deserve the type of government that we have. Nigerian population are too indolent, unserious and too scared to challenge authority. We have been bamboozled to believe that challenging authority is akin to challenging an elderly person in our society, hence we this “Big Oga” knows better what is good for us. I am also sorry to say that we are now being pacified even more, by all the new “bling, bling” culture of the Nigerian artists, reality T.V, etc, etc, that our children would rather their learn how to sing or dance, so that they can have a chance to win the, “Nigerian Idol or any other rewarding gifts from the brand promoters of these shows, rather than hit the books to find the next big invention to help further humanity. Great piece! Keep telling the story. Maybe one day, Nigerians will wake up from the slumber.

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