Opinion: How witches underdeveloped Nigeria

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3 Responses

  1. FBK says:

    Well written… ‘My veins are dyed green’ I like that… Good job.

  2. Adebambo Gidi-Boi Busary says:

    Lazy piece of journalism tbh. You took the ignorance of a few and make it an argumentum populi? Well if sensationalism serves your purpose, then all is well… the witches made me say so. The saying to the corruption part is the pinnacle of Lazy solution you earlier highlighted. Not to make this sound personal, but there is more to this things you talk about just as you yourself postulated, but you made a hash job of it by the way. And the onus is on you to do a better justice all around than a well flogged misnomer that ends with a watered solution as any that has been well peddled too.

  3. Fatih says:

    I really agree with you. Its starts from me and you. Very little contributions can make meaningful difference. Corruption is not only with the leaders, we the masses are affected also.

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