Opinion: I won’t waste my time mourning Azazi and Yakowa, I have questions to ask

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  • Yakubu j i

    The death of Yakowa and Azazi is questionable.instead of our leaders to put their head together and come out with something reasonable,they are talking of investigation,investigation that will not come out with something reasonable.what came out of dana aircraft that almost wipe all our beloved away.Nigeria is a careless country until something happen to the top officials before looking 4 the way forward,No one cares about the masses.GOD is washing.

  • Yetunde Okulaja

    This is a master piece I must say! its a no-holds barred. it’s time for us Nigerians to begin to ask questions. Enough of the lies we are daily fed with and this siddon look attitude. God bless your efforts

  • Goretti

    I swear, I agree with this write-up so well. The only sad thing here is that these government officials would not see a piece like this and read and so most times, personal opinions of this nature have little or no effect on further decisions made. Good piece though. God save Nigeria. I only hope someone is reading and ready to take actions.

  • Wail

    Na true.

  • potts

    So true and yes a word is enough for the wise,like d writer wrote most nigerians do not have time to mourn d death of dis so called diginataries cos everyday human lives are wasted on d roads they have refuses to repair and oronto douglas a COMMON MILITANT mtchewwww it’s only in GEJ’s administration dat such people are given any importance.I pray to God to continue to give d ordnary nigerian justice in whichever way God sees fit ameen

  • Freda igberaese

    Nigeria..our father’s land full of strange n wonderful stories..

    • ola

      True talk.i pray,they open dere eye to c and read dis writeup and also work on it.bcuz there r still more to come to all our leaders dat r buyin private jets,spendin public funds without inputing change dat will benefit d common man on d street.kudos to u Victoria.

  • Ezekiel Yunana

    Thats right.

  • raymond

    i’m disappointed with this article and more disappointed from who it is coming from a southerner, Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri you a modern day judas for criticism your own.what is our problem, why do we like washing our dirty lineage in front of world.is there anything wrong with servant using his masters car to attend funeral for God sake this is nigeria property which goodluck through the help of God is the head, making everything in it his property including you writer. they use helicopter because there’s no airport in bayelsa more over the helicopter conveyed them from port harcot after they landed in port harcot air port, this people are aid to mr president making all of them the ruling class and they are more than qualify to use helicopter belonging to us.and it has been happening from inception lets try and stop politics with every damn thing that happen in our country if we are thoroughly wants to move forward.the question should be what is cause of the crash not looking for every opportunity to score cheap political point,by d way don’t waste your time mourning as you may be the next to die

    • Kings

      Raymond must have been a fisherman who has spent all his life in the creeks and has no idea of common decency or government/ civil service operation. Your comment does this administration no good at all. Someone in the Niger Delta was once charged for using government envelope to post a personal letter. The practice of converting public property to private use is called corruption. The bane of nigeria especially during this administration is that there is no distinction between the two. I weep for my country

      • raymond

        mr king continue weeping until blood come out of your eyes,is very easy for us to sit aside and criticise but the truth is you as a person will be the worst when you enter there. by d way thank you for making me a fisher man is an honor i highly appreciate but for your information am not from south south.

  • Engr Benson Abounu

    Thank u Senior Editor. U however didn’t state ur name. My view on this matter is simple. That the best mourning we can accord Yakowa,Azazi,Daba et al is to takle the incongruencies in our collectve governance head-on so as to avoid a repeat of those needless deaths. Period.

  • vinci

    I wish the writer is as patrotic as his words are. While I agree with him by 70% of his understanding of Nigeria, d unpresedented & attendent corruption that has ravaged the country & of course the deliberate posture to frustrate possible way forward, I believe even the writer wouldn’t do better if given an opportunity under a climate of corrupt mindsets.


    Very well spoken ,sir

  • Taiwo

    As long as people like Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri is still alive in this generation my mind is at rest that one day God will raise a jerry Rawlings in Nigeria to sanitize the system. I’m not surprise to read Raymond’s comment. This is one of the Judas in the midst of reasonable members of the parliament. This is one of those people Fela said suffering and smiling. I’m very sure that if the departed general Owoeye Azazi and governor Patrick Yakowa were to be reached to react they will be regretting their action all in the name of show off,power drunk more importantly when the late general Owoeye Azazi is expecting ambassadorial post, any means of actualizing this mission will be pursued with vigour. ‘Man proposes they say but God disposes’ If our politicians are not ready to respect the trust the people gave them, then God has a way of excusing them.

  • Jag

    Sad waste of my 5 minutes reading this. If you can tell me that you can confirm who or what your house girl or child is doing every moment of the day then I will show you someone that does not have work to do. You think the request for approval to use a chopper will come near the president’s desk? Olodo.

    Anyone that can reference or echo the words Dino as worthy IS just as much of a simpleton as Dino is.

    Azazi must have pulled his own strings to get what he wanted. The shame here is that a twit like you, the author, will blame even your stupidity of the president.

    I have also learnt that anyone that uses the expression ‘we all know that’ is never any more than a jobless town gossip. It is the type of talk that comes from the type of domestic staff that always ‘knows’ what oga is doing or should be doing

    • http://yahoo.com B.

      My brother, whoever u r, thank u 4 ‘talking’! I was beginning 2 think everyone had lost their memory & objectivity.
      This isnt d first person 2 talk ‘tough’ abt govt & really do nothing later.
      And thanx so much 4 the ‘dino’ point! Na YOU dey on point!