Opinion: Nigerian troops and the Malian crisis: The issues to consider

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3 Responses

  1. benet says:

    It is very necessary that nigerian troops be sent to Mali to help crush this insurgency,for once they are victorious in Mali,they shall fimd themselves another african target.

  2. Ayo says:

    Dear Sir,

    Your article smirks of arrant ignorance accentuated by arrogance. Why should the COAS give you evidence of incursions from Mali? Are you a security chief? The influence of Islamic insurgents has been known to all people in the security community for years. It started at training camps in Sudan and Somalia. It then spread to Afghanistan and Pakistan. More recently, Mali has become the focal point for training and brainwashing these poor terrorists.

    Please stick with subjects that you know about. The COAS has done a great job in curtailing the insurgency. Without the Army’s efforts, the problems will be bigger. If you cut off the access to the training bases in Mali, you reduce the size of the problem in a year or two when the trainees would have become hardened and well trained terrorists. The decision to go to Mali is sound and based on our National interest.

  3. bigbrovar says:

    These article shows just how much journalist/bloggers like you are part of the problem. To have a platform like this is a great responsibility due to the ability to shape the opinion of many. You have failed in that responsibility. Unfortunately this is a trend one sees more and more in the media and bloggersphare where the easiest route to gaining popularity is to feed the general cynicism people have towards government at all cost.

    To the point at hand. First of all, Terrorism has become a global problem which transit physical bothers. Last time I checked Afghanistan does not share a physical bother with the US.. heck its 1000s of miles away yet 9/11 happened because Afghanistan was allowed to become a terrorist haven. Today a place The size of Nigeria has become the latest Terrorist haven. With groups spreading the message of hate and religious Xenophobia. The have set up training camps and have helped in funding and training for any group with similar hateful ideology. Boko Haram has we have it today in Nigeria is not isolated. They do get a great deal of training (in the making of IED and guerrilla warfare) in Mali. Our people use to say the best way to kill a snake is to cut off it’s head. Right now the head of the snake which afflicts us is in Mali and going in there to finish them off is part of the global fight against BH.

    If we are to allow the situation in mali to fester, I can assure you that BH (correctly on the run judging by the sustained attack by security services and arrest of many prominent members) will easily have a place to run to and regroup and relaunch.

    Nigeria currently has about 100k men (and women) in our armed forces.. sending in 1% of that to help destroy the training base and backer of BH is not a bad move at all. Chad far removed from our region is sending 2000 troops.. pretty much every country in the west African sub region is sending in troops.. so u would rather we fold our arms while the house of our neighbor burns?

    I can understand that its cool to always find something sinister in every move of the government. Just remember the responsibility to the people. The truth

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