Opinion: Of Jonathan’s presidential powers and Lagos state’s impunity

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5 Responses

  1. darlington says:

    Deportation victim is not destitute,where you will see what is called destitute is OPC family.fashola is inhuman

  2. yude says:

    Fashola & fani kayode are all cowards, let our able president take an action now, or we’ll gonna take the law in our own hands, my suggestion is peter obi should sue fashola the coward to court , for deporte an indigenes of nigeria to their origin of state, pls peter obi should take this opportunity to make all those deported destitute as they were called , a multi-millionaires may God have mercy for nigeria, a great nation with weak government.

  3. yude says:

    It’s igbos today ‘who knows whether it’ll be my people tomorrow, enough of this rubbish called deporte brohaha, in fact we’ll no gonna stop crying & shouting until justice is done for these less privilege deported by coward called fashola and his kinsmen. God is not respecter of any person ,hear it and hear it clear from me ( stupid ,idiots , cowards ,tribalistic ,sentimentals entities )

  4. BC YES says:

    That has been one of the major challenges of leadership in this country. Our leaders lack d capacity to nip any impending problem in the bud! Their response to issues has never been proactive rather it is always reactionary. Look @ the issue of Millitancy in d Niger Delter and Boko Haram in the North East, a discerning leader would ‘ve nipped it in the bud b4 it gets out of hand. And now we have FasholaFani felony fanning the amber of tribal discord at their on wits with no one to call either to order- it is pathetic!

  5. zee says:

    This is a very drab and meaningless article. Tell other state governors to judiciously utilise their quota from the federation coffers. It only goes to show the unserious of Jonathan’s administration to tackle poverty and unemployment problem facing our teeming youth and the corruption of all political office holders

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