Opinion: On Ezekwesili’s speech, Maku has totally missed the point

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2 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Let’s ignore strikes, would 1st degree graduates of 2011/12 have gotten into school in 2007/08 or 2006/07 or even earlier for medicos?

    Who’s responsible for “The failures and limitations of the education you have received during your time here leading to your graduation today will become clearer to you should you ever seek to do what was very easy for me to do –that is, gain admission to one of the best schools in the world for my graduate studies simply on the strength of my University of Nigeria education”?

    The refusal to see the pot and the kettle as sharing the same color leads to ridiculous arguments as the one above.

  2. Eddy Macauley says:

    Wake up Nigerians; this is not the time to sleep. Dr. Ezekwesili as a Nigerian just like you and I demands nothing but accountability from the regime. Labara Maku, Okupe and Abatti will not be able to cajole Nigerians this time. Let all call for a public debate on the $67b squandered by the regime of GEJ and his predecessor; the lady with guts has not refused to answer questions regarding her 10 month tenure in office as Education Minister.

    We need to know what and how our money is being spent; Nigerians have seen too many scams under GEJ yet none of the culprits have been duly prosecuted. Sad enough, one of the oil subsidy culprits is struggling for power in Adamawa State and GEJ has decided to patronize the father who's presently the PDP national chairman because he (GEJ) wants to remain in office so that more public funds can be squandered.

    One good turn they say deserves another; in reverse one bad turn deserves no other. Therefore GEJ has no right to ask Nigerians for a second term; we can't afford four more years of mediocrity and incapability to deliver on promised manifestos. RESTORE NIGERIA GROUP is saying NO to this undue intentions and we call on all Nigerians to reject GEJ's second tenure request. We're throwing our weight behind Dr. Ezekwesili to challenge the present regime to a public debate.

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