Opinion: PDP, ACN and the rest – The case of six and half a dozen

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  • Robbie

    I agree with the writer, our effort at the polls will be futile if we do not have control of who the political parties put out.

  • Tope

    Our young people jumping into politics have to be careful least they start behaving like the older people.

  • Ahmed

    Dear Ferdy, I remember when you guys where out there campaigning for Jonathan saying that the man is not the party, but I am glad that you have learnt your lesson; your words: “With benefit of hindsight, we cannot divorce a person from his party. For the most part, the elected official is largely influenced by the forces within his party.”

  • Lolade

    @ahmed: sefini

  • PKE

    Oga Ferdy, I know your friend Ohimai has joined the PDP youth circuit, I hope he reads this as well. He use to be passionate about changing this country, when we were corpers. I wish you all well oh.


    While I can agree with you our political parties suffer from the same malaise of godfatherism and tribalism, I can say that ACN is more progressive than PDP.


    “As long as we are not card carrying members of any party, we cannot control who the party brings out. This is where the problem lies, the internal process that churns out these people are oftentimes completely flawed. With only a few exceptions, the products of this system are not the best representation of genuine leadership, but he who has been patient enough to court deals across board and preserve the power bloc.” So which is your party dear writer?

  • Jonathan

    You are right. Our political parties lack foundationalt ideologies.the Republican and Democrat parties were formed based on ideologies. In my opinion,until we know the ideologies behind PDP,CAN and the rest, it will be difficult to make a choice.