Opinion: Political cultism and the Rivers Assembly cage fight

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10 Responses

  1. chukwudi Eric says:

    my dear,it is realy pathetic.jst dt we r living in an insane country wher power is bn hijacked by rogues.wat playd in river assembly isnt suprisn cos dt was wot NASS thot them

  2. lawson fortunate says:

    pple of’river state we are nt save ooo. Let stand up n fight 4 our rigth ooo b4 we died lik goat God forbid died e 4 dis unfaithful leaders of our faith country.. God save us Amen

  3. Lucynda Njide U. says:

    Thuggery,robbery,loothng,big-manism,opresion,bombing,lobbyng to mention but a few,is d order of d day in Nigeria.d same old story.

  4. Very soon not too long God will send one who will be bold enough to step into the void captures the political infighting and round up all this wolfs in shephards clothing .if I am the one I will rather free a criminal that has concience than most of our judges who do not have concience, who are partners in crime helping pen robbers to loot our treasury that is economic sabotage,betrayal of trust thereby exposing the lives of those who have hope in them.They should be reminded in prison for life.May the almighty hear our prayers Amen.

  5. Dave Akpanofum says:

    ‘Time and chance happeneth to them all’ The appalling show of brawl, kung fu, boxing, wrestling, tug of war, free-for-all etc, by Rivers Assembly men is nature’s way of unveiling d real persons in many of our political leaders. The truth has a way of proving itself. Bt will we not VOTE ‘THEM’ again? Keep the answer until 2015.

  6. Tuc Omalicha Artiste says:

    Wonders shall never end in nigera!

  7. Wiko Ada says:

    did you watch the vidoe of leader of the house hitting is fellow human being with a weapon,i wounder if we have human feeling

    • Vivian Stowe says:

      It's well o! Hw my strong n cute babes? Hailings from dis end..

      • tevino says:

        May God save our country from d grip of dese power monks. President Jonarhan is an utter shame n disgrace to ds country. His quest for power will eventually ridicle him, no matter who his backers are. He will eventually come to terms that power belongs to God. To think dat he can cause chaos in rivers state bcos he has problem wt Amaechi is laughable. Imagine a Bayelsa man, dictating to a rivers man. Rivers people wake up! U ar d first class citizens!

  8. darlington says:

    From Gov house member comissioners in Rivers state are all cultist

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