Opinion: Where are the single ladies with an iota of feminine dignity?

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12 Responses

  1. Taiwo says:

    God bless the writer of this article,it is so disheartening that girls now sell there dignity for a token.I pray God touch the lives of the singles.These 3 things have always helped me nd i think it might be useful for someone too.”GRACE,DISCIPLINE and DETERMINATION”

  2. God bless d writer. May God have mercy on dis generation.

  3. God bless d writer. May God have mercy on dis generation.

  4. Yinkolomilupaz says:

    This is a fantastic wirte-up.Thank you sooo much for shedding light on the activities of the single ladies and men out there.My prayer is that they hear and obey and turn a new leaf before it is too late.God Bless u!

  5. Tsarah! says:

    God bless the writer! I await the bashings of all those well-spoken ignorant people who’ll come and make points based on ideals and ideas they know nothing about! God help us all! The scourge of pre-marital sex has eaten deep into the world and any virgin over the age of 18 is seen as old fashioned, razz and still lives in the medieval era!!! May God open our eyes!

  6. anonymous says:

    So what about the guys sleeping with them, don’t they also need to be decent.

  7. un bias says:

    The woman,the woman,the woman….. Are they sleeping with themselves? D woman looses all and wat happens to d man? Don’t men deserve sanction,don’t disvirgined men have some iota of dignity as well??? :/

  8. Well written piece and you spoke the truth. Let me ask I hope you were never guity of any of what you talked about?

  9. Debo says:

    Great points raised. Well-written.
    Better flow and simpler english would have made it a greater article.

  10. Damaris says:

    Nice write up and I like the bible verse shared.but simple grammer would have made it easy to share. Also in as much as I agree with most of what u shared,as pastor T.D jakes said in one of his sermon which I strongly agree, a girl as soon as she’s born gets all d ‘ ur a lady sit well’ or ‘ur a girl u should learn to be clean” or ‘ur a lady u can’t afford to be lazy u will take care ur home someday” a little boy needs grooming by a responsible man and d society just like a lady. Because am soo concerned as to , Even when a young lady decides to be gracious and diciplined and decent she might still end up with egocentric,chauvinist and christian so called jamboree of a man. Men upbringing have been greatly abadoned and once a man starts to work , attend church( especially a worker in church) dress well and speak well d society automatically stamps him a ‘good man’ , but lots of charcter and attitude remains hidden to surface only to his future wife or @ home. Please and please women should stop being blamed only. Cos ‘can two walk together except they agree ?’ N0! Thanks.

  11. VEE says:

    Damaris, you have made so much sense, as much as i agree with the writer, boys should as well be given the basic training so that they grow to be decent men. All the focus should not be on the girl cos she will end up with that untrained, indecent man at the end of the day. i am a young single lady, though not a virgin but willing to make a change, but i am very single cos i cant find a man who is willing to be in a relationship without sex. so please where are the decent men for us to act decent with?

  12. pearl says:

    Who is this idiot? And the idiots thanking this idiot?

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