Opinion: Would you rather work with them? A former GTBank staff tells it like it is

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18 Responses

  1. Tega Efetobo says:

    The only problem I have with your articles is that they are not dated!

  2. busy body says:

    GT Bank is on the down ward slope since d new MD took over. Services are poor compared to other banks. ATMs are old and often break down leading to long qeues. Added to this now is poor treatment of empployees. It is time to sell my GT bank shares and close all my accounts before harmattan catches up. They spend so much on advert only to demarket with poor services.

  3. Y! City Editor says:

    @Tega: Right there at the top of the article is the time-stamp. Whereelse do you want to see a date?

    • exhume Obi says:

      Thats a sharp retort. Unruly and unprofessional from an editor to a reader, no matter how wrong the reader may be. But hey, that’s how Chude always is. Proud, rude and discourteous.

  4. Israel Jimmy says:

    I thought it was only UBA that was good at pulling these kind of stunts, now that GTB have joined them, I weep for Nigerian bankers!

  5. ikechukwu obinna says:

    It’s very disheartening to hear how people in authority treat others who are lesser to them, most especially in the corporate world. Legislation should be put up to check all these excesses of people in authority, its very bad, satanic and morally wrong to just disengage people for one clumsy and stupid reason. GTbank you need to be careful otherwise we will close all our accounts and take our money elsewhere. what nonsense!

  6. onyinye says:

    one thing am sure of is ‘KARMA’whatever u do in this life either good or bad, u must surely reap it. shikina!!!

  7. Olu Akindele says:

    Could we just picket the bank using the power of the customer; l suggest we should ask all our friends and loved ones who run any type of account in Gtb to close such and move to another bank. You know that it will get their attention if they lose over a million customer in a day

  8. they had it coming says:

    Madam Adeola Ogunyemi, are you still calling your staff imbeciles? The way you sack men who have families to feed is the way your sons will be treated. Wicked woman. Find another job, no, make good policies no, change no, focus on your marriage no. Money Money Money. Make sure you carry it oh when you go to the grave.

  9. Hmmmm. I heave a sigh.

  10. Olori Ade says:

    Y will Bayo Veracruz still be in the bank? after sleeping with every female staff under him.. the List is endless.. From Bunmi Adeyemi to Amaka Nsofor to Margaret in FTU.. etc.. now the new ones av started .. the likes of Vanessa Sileola (i just sorry for u) u dont wanna learn abi? the bastard Amaka is carrying claiming its for her husband is not anuff saga.. u want to end up not having a husband like maggi? The Segun Fadahunsi and SisKaf… u better go resign… y would u treat people the way u treat them?.. inshort.. no need to waste my time.. nothing will be done.. i rest my case..

  11. PIUS says:

    The Article should be titled. ” how GTBank lost her Mojo”. Time to return to First Bank. These One man banks are sickening.

  12. its really a pity. But I still love GT bank. Its my most preffered Bank.

  13. I'm really touched by this articles. My heart goes out to those affected. Little wonder they told us at the beginning of the year that there was not going to be any recruitment for 2013 (internal placements only). But my candid advice to Nigerians, especially for my young people is that they should develop some skills within themselves. These skills would help in times like this. It is well with us.

  14. kingslee says:

    Agbaje is not been sincere,I was @ a bank yesterday n was surprised with the number of gtbank who came for interview. Gtbank is losing its glory. This only happens when bad/inefficient men RULE

  15. kingslee says:

    Agbaje is not been sincere,I was @ a bank yesterday in portharcourt n was surprised with the number of gtbank staff/ex staff who came for interview. Gtbank is losing its glory. This only happens when bad/inefficient men RULE

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