Opinion: Yes, rape is a culture of the Nigerian society

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  • ani

    The culture in this country is to blame the victim and by doing so we are condoning the crime. I once heard on the radio in lagos and the speaker was justifying rape by saying the victim must have been wearing exposing clothes. The speaker sounded learned, the guys I was in the car with were but not one of them saw the error in that thinking. This made me really angry. There’s no justification for rape. Its the most brutal and intrusive thing one can experience.

  • david motutu

    Dis is a dreadful, long-surviving vice amidst d youths! A transmitted cultural disease amidst younger boys and men, learnt from d older youths, as well as those dat see such dastard act as ‘normal thing’ or ‘boys runs’ followed by derisive giggles!

    I pray none of d young ladies I know fall victims of such socially condoned craft! But it starts from mAking a mad noise out of it d moment they happen! Pamper d victims, waylay d perpetrators!!!

    Its evil – a satanic craft of violent possession of d female private cavity instored in d 1st place by God 2 aid procreation! But right now Satan in d heart of men, young men, devow them with vile contempt!