See Tinubu & his team moments after GEJ conceded defeat to Buhari (See Photos)

by Anike Jacobs

It was celebration galore at the APC camp as Gen. Muhammadu Buhari emerged winner of the 2015 presidential election moments ago.

Pictured is APC chieftain, Asiwaju Tinubu, Hon. Ojudu Babafemi, and other APC members dancing shoki as the announcement was made.

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No need to panic, everything is under control, Lagos Police assures

by Ranti Joseph

The Lagos State Police Command urged the people of the state not to entertain any fear as all parts of the state were under its surveillance. The Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the command, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, advised the residents to go about their normal businesses peacefully without panic.

Nwosu on Tuesday made the call in an interview with newsmen in Lagos. He was reacting to reports that the residents were apprehensive of what the outcome of Saturday’s elections may cause in view of declining presence of police in some areas of the state.

“We have deployed our personnel to those areas that we anticipated chaos, and now that we have finished the election, the deployment will definitely will change.  “There is nowhere in the world where deployment remains constant, we keep on reviewing for the better.

“So, people should not entertain any fears. We cover every part of Lagos through surveillance and patrol,” the PPRO said.

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OBJ’s congratulatory message to Buhari comes with a call to action (READ)

by Kolapo Olapoju

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has congratulated the Presidential candidate of the All progressives congress, Muhammadu Buhari, for emerging victorious in the presidential polls.

Obasanjo released the congratulatory message in Abeokuta on Tuesday, March 31.

Read message below:

“With so much harm already done to many national institutions including the military, which proudly nurtured you and me, you will have a lot to do on institution reform – education, healthcare, economy, security, infrastructure, power, youth employment, agri-business, oil and gas, external affairs, cohesiveness of our nation and ridding our land of corruption.”

“Your varied and wide experience will undoubtedly stand you in good stead. The country is blessed with men and women of goodwill, character and virtue across the board that you can mobilise to join hands with you in the reform, repairs and re-direction that will be imperative to put Nigeria back on the fast lane of good governance, unity, cohesiveness, development and progress.”

“For me, the totality of 2015 elections hold many lessons for our democracy and democratisation process, which are both maturing. On this occasion, the system has been unnecessarily overheated before and particularly during the campaigns when emphasis was more on trivialities and hate, divisive, undignifying and disrespectful statements and comments rather than on pressing issues requiring attention.”

“I know that in victory, you will be magnanimous to start binding the wounds and bitterness occasioned by the campaign and the evil disciples.”

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‘We look up to you to heal our country’ || Read Atiku’s Facebook message to Buhari

by Kolapo Olapoju

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has congratulated the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, on his victory at the presidential elections.

Atiku shared the congratulatory message on Facebook.

Read below:

“My hearty congratulations to His Excellency, General Muhammadu Buhari, for being elected the next president of our beloved county, Nigeria. You have led our party, the All Progressives Congress to an unprecedented victory within two years of it’s official formation, and in so doing, written the most important chapter of our democracy.”

“The great Nnamdi Azikiwe once wrote that “history will continue to vindicate the just”. Your victory in the polls, with votes from across the length and breadth of our country, bears witness to the acceptance of not just our party, the APC, but also your ideology of justice, fair play and zero tolerance for corruption as the bedrock for national rebirth.”

“At this historic moment, it is most important to say a hearty thank you to every Nigerian who voted for the APC. Your votes have not just elected the first opposition party into federal power, but has also set a precedent which will have positive implications for democracy across Africa.”

“Dear GMB, the journey has just begun. Millions of Nigerians have put their trust in you, because they were not satisfied with the status quo. You represent the hope of a new generation of Nigerians, and you cannot afford to fail them. Our party has made a promise of change to our young people, to secure and rebuild our country, create jobs and opportunity, and improve citizens’ welfare. We will stand behind you to ensure we keep those promises, just like we did during these elections.”

“Our country needs a new direction. We have voted for you, and our party won the election, but when you assume our highest office, you must become the president of not just the APC, but all of Nigeria, including the people who did not vote for you. We look up to you to heal the fractures of our country, and truly unite this country like never before.”

“To President Jonathan, I want to specially thank you for conducting a historic election. Your party may have lost the elections, but you have won the admiration of the world by not interfering with the wishes of Nigerians. History will be kind to you. It is my sincere hope that we will all come together as one country, to build the Nigeria of our dreams.”

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‘I have kept my word…': Pres. Jonathan sends a heartfelt message to all Nigerians (READ)

by Isi Esene


After the declaration of APC’s Muhammadu Buhari as the winner of Saturday’s election, President Goodluck Jonathan has released a statement congratulate all Nigerians for participating in the electoral process.

In a statement which was released late Tuesday evening, Jonathan said he promised Nigerians a free and fair elections and he has kept his word.

“Although some people have expressed mixed feelings about the results announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), I urge those who may feel aggrieved to follow due process based on our constitution and our electoral laws, in seeking redress,” he said.


Read the full statement below:

I thank you all for turning out en-masse for the March 28 General Elections.

I promised the country free and fair elections. I have kept my word. I have also expanded the space for Nigerians to participate in the democratic process. That is one legacy I will like to see endure.

Although some people have expressed mixed feelings about the results announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), I urge those who may feel aggrieved to follow due process based on our constitution and our electoral laws, in seeking redress.

As I have always affirmed, nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian. The unity, stability and progress of our dear country is more important than anything else.

I congratulate all Nigerians for successfully going through the process of the March 28th General Elections with the commendable enthusiasm and commitment that was demonstrated nationwide.

I also commend the Security Services for their role in ensuring that the elections were mostly peaceful and violence-free.

To my colleagues in the PDP, I thank you for your support. Today, the PDP should be celebrating rather than mourning. We have established a legacy of democratic freedom, transparency, economic growth and free and fair elections.

For the past 16 years, we have steered the country away from ethnic and regional politics. We created a Pan-Nigerian political party and brought home to our people the realities of economic development and social transformation.

Through patriotism and diligence, we have built the biggest and most patriotic party in Nigerian history. We must stand together as a party and look to the future with renewed optimism.

I thank all Nigerians once again for the great opportunity I was given to lead this country and assure you that I will continue to do my best at the helm of national affairs until the end of my tenure.

I have conveyed my personal best wishes to General Muhammadu Buhari.

May God Almighty continue to bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I thank you all.

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Nigerians have made history through the ballot – APC says

by Ranti Joseph


The National Publicity Secretary of All Progressives Congress (APC), Lai Mohammed, said Nigerians had made history through the ballot box.

Mohammed on Tuesday made the statement in Abuja at the APC secretariat while fielding questions from newsmen.

According to him, by voting into power someone not in government, Nigerians have reclaimed their power at the polls. “I think it’s first of all victory to all Nigerians; we are all here on the verge of history, this is the first time in the political history of Nigeria that a government in power would lose an election via the ballot box. This also sends a strong message to the incoming government that the people have reclaimed their ballot. People have reclaimed their rights and they would punish any government who fails to do their expectations,” Mohammed said.

He said further that Muhammadu Buhari’s victory across the zones was due to the selflessness of the party leaders adding that the merger of various political parties was another reason for the victory.

“Buhari won across the zones, we thank our leaders who thought it fit to come to a merger. Before now, we were in ANPP, CPC and ACN but our leaders made that bold sacrifice, dropped their personal ambitions and agreed at a merger and gave us a broader platform. A platform that was national in outreach and for the first time in Nigeria, we had a truly pan-Nigerian political party,” he added.

Mohammed pointed out that Buhari’s victory was made possible because of the issues that defined the election. “The issues that defined Buhari’s win across the zones were corruption, ineptitude, bad economy and insecurity and in him they (electorate) found these qualities,’’ he said.

Also, the Speaker of the House of Representatives,  Aminu Tambuwal, said, “we are all full of thanksgiving to God about the happenings in the country.”

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Listen up politicians, this is the kind of gift Nigerian voters expect from you (LOOK)

by Kolapo Olapoju

Dear Nigerian politicians, if you’re trying to woo Nigerian voters in any electioneering period, forget about stomach infrastructure… just give money.

According to NOI polls, Nigerian voters respond more to monetary gifts as opposed to other kinds of gifts.

When respondents were asked: “What kind of gift would you be willing to receive from a political party or aspirant?”, the overall majority of respondents (62%) stated “Money” as the gift they would willingly accept from a political party or aspirant, while 18% of the respondents claim they will accept “any kind of gift” and 16% said “Promised job/contract.”

There you go politicians… the ball is in your court.


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Buhari wins Boko-Haram ravaged state, Borno

by Panshak Ibrahim

The Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari, has won the election of Borno state.

He polled 473,543 votes to defeat the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, President Goodluck Jonathan, who had 25, 640 votes.


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Pres. Jonathan will deliver ‘defeat address’ to Nigerians

by James Sambo

President Goodluck Jonathan will this evening(Tuesday) make a broadcast to Nigerians to formally concede defeat in the Saturday’s presidential election and further call for peace.

Although, the message will be recorded, our correspondent learnt that no specific time would be given to broadcast stations to air it.

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Attahiru Jega, Nigeria’s man of the moment

by Tolu Ogunlesi

Professor Attahiru Jega’s tenure as President of the Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities (ASUU) coincided with the military regime of Ibrahim Babangida, a period in which, according to one University professor quoted at the time, “practically all the factors that make a university autonomous have been interfered with by one decree or the other.”

It was left to the soft-spoken, unflappable Jega to stand up to Babangida’s ruinous vision for Nigeria’s Universities, a task he performed fearlessly – even though for much of the time he led ASUU, the organisation lay under a government proscription order.

Amid the turmoil, Jega managed to succeed in recording a significant achievement: the signing, in September 1992, of a landmark agreement with the Nigerian government that in theory guaranteed improved wages and working conditions for lecturers, and increased funding for Universities.

A professor of political science, Jega earned his Bachelor’s degree from Bayero University, Kano, and Masters and Doctorate degrees from Northwestern University, Evanston, in the United States, in 1981 and 1985 respectively.

He spent most of his academic career at Bayero, his alma mater, and was in 2005 appointed Vice Chancellor.

In 2007 he was appointed a member of a committee set up by President Umaru Yar’Adua to reform Nigeria’s electoral laws.

In June 2010 President Jonathan named him Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, to replace the discredited Maurice Iwu, who had presided over, in 2007, what many believed to be one of the least credible elections in Nigeria’s fitful political history.

Jega’s appointment was widely hailed; he was seen as the sort of credible and independent-minded person needed to restore public confidence in the electoral commission.

It’s been much easier said than done. Jega’s INEC, while enjoying greater public respect than Iwu’s did, has had its own share of fiasco. Poor preparations by INEC led to a one-week postponement of the 2011 general elections.

A similar fate befell the Anambra State governorship elections in November 2003. Subsequent elections – governorship contests in Ekiti and Osun – were better organised.

As his tenure comes to an end in June 2015, Jega’s legacy-defining effort will be Nigeria’s ongoing 2015 general elections, delayed at the last minute by six weeks, from February.

There have been problems, no doubt — shoddy logistics that caused voting to stretch into a second day in parts of the country, allegations and counter-allegations of rigging by the two main political parties, delays in the collation of results, and sporadic violence — but the widespread breakdown of law and order that many expected would accompany the most competitive presidential election in Nigeria’s history has yet failed to materialise.


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