Popular Lagos prophet caught having SEX with church member (Viewer Discretion, PHOTOS)

by Tony Obi


A spiritual prophet was caught pants down with a female church member in Lagos.

The prophet identified as  I.T Adewoye in his seventies is one of the  spiritual leaders in Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church Worldwide, and things may turn out sour as a result of his alleged  uncontrolled sexual appetite.

According to reports, Adewoye who is the founder of “Ayo Ni O”at the Idimu District in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State was caught by the husband of his mistress at her matrimonial home after months of suspicion.

It was gathered  that  her husband raised an alarm and took photos of the prophet and his wife both naked, after which he dragged the prophet to a police station at Idimu where he was begged not to press charges.

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  1. This is arrant nonsense. These are two consenting adults. Very much as I do not support what the old man did that doesn't make it a crime. Putting their pictures here shows home primitive Nigerians are still in the 21st century.

  2. IN as much as i dont support what the pastor did yet the socalled husband behaved as a callous human being.he didnt reason well enough,why did he not expose the nudity of the wife afterall both were caught in the act naked but because he wanted to rubbish the pastor he exposed his wife with cloth on to millions of people in nigeria home and abroad. also how will the children feel about the disgrace he melted on their mother? can he vouch that he never did same. his action is silly and primitive

  3. Atleast the reporter was nice enough to cover the face and parts cos the public is not interested to see any nudity. This is what a matured and responsible bloggers should be doing.

  4. Such criminal act is common among the Nigerian hedostic, boastful, arrogant, randy…Church leaders. I often wonder how tolerant is God almighty. These bastards exploit the sorry condition of the Nigerian masses to visit abominable acts on them. May God save Nigeria.

  5. Sunday you should know things well, that woman was never the church member, so how come they posted her as a member…. fuck off man

  6. Sunday you should know things well, that woman was never the church member, so how come they posted her as a member…. fuck off man

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  8. Its unfortunate! This should have never been on the news! Of what use is it to any of us. We all got bad memories of our own sour actions…..that is why we are humans. We all fall at certain times and act unreasonably…why the pointing of finger…..this pastor and woman might get to heaven before any of us. Let’s all rise and shun evil and immorality! They acted shamelessly but we by pointing our fingers of condemnation are equally acting shamelessly!