Rejoinder: No, Christianity is not close to extinction

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  • mee

    U are yet to answer the question of why al qaeda (or even boko haram) is synonymous with bloodshed

  • Muri Ejalonibu

    Wallahi,this writer na mumu,did U.S carry out the wars or whatever they do in the name of religion?but check out your illiterate terrorists,they keep mentioning islam and they also claim that they are fighting for islam.U still got a lot more to do to convince people about the fact that Islam is a religion of peace.

  • Waanemi

    Hey mister, you talk about the christians being responsible for world war and hiroshima and no one gives account to the religion as a cause, but in the case of islamic violence in countries everyone says its because they are Muslims and now the world has tagged the muslims as violent people. May I remind you that the motives of world war and hiroshima had nothing to do with religion, in other words people from different religions suffered from it, but in the case of the middle east and northern Nigeria the people that suffer the most are the christians. So don’t come here and try to paint the christians as violent, the truth is that most Islamic violence are due to religious reasons, think about that next time you want to put a post like this