Reuben Abati: Of power-point technocrats, who open social media accounts and pretend to be voices of wisdom

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6 Responses

  1. If Mr Abati reads, let him tell us who he was ystday

  2. Fatimah says:

    Some serious man in the mirror moment? *harsh laughter*

    I see Obasanjo, Dino, Oby Ezekwesili, El-Rufai, Dele Momodu in this article but more importantly, I see the most unbelievable hypocrite Mr. Abati has become. Not too long ago, he would easily have fitted into some of the descriptions in this article but today?

    Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the article where he would denounce his former self before joining the Jonathan cabinet. *fingers crossed* Till then, Abati keep enjoying the gin! *laughs*

  3. Oseiwe Ibhagui says:

    Nigerians, do not be fooled as they know you’re wont to: they’re all mostly the same with small differences here and there. I’ve said it all the time but no one knows me. I’ve contacted the “opposition” and have seen that they’re only interested in your views if it serves their own self-interest; and they have many volunteers. I however cannot be that type of person.

    On this point I agree with Abati 100% on his general argument even though I insist he’s also dubious. Let Nigerians form major civil society groups and voting blocks to address the governance issue in this country rather than following one “big name” or the other into a pit. I have tried; nobody followed me and instead I get abused.

    Nigerians, SAVE YOURSELVES


  4. benet says:

    One thing that has remained constant is that Nigeria has continued to lose revenue,relevance & capital through corruption & incompetence by every govt she has had. What we cannot undoubtedly establish is whether it is worse with each succeeding govt.

  5. Berry says:

    It is not realistic to attack Mr Abati. He has made it clear that when called upon to serve your country, you do so and after, return to the ordinary person you are.

    The only grouse I have seen against Mr Abati is that he accepted to work with Jonathan or PDP. Please, what is wrong with that. Are we this narrow minded in this country?


  6. sad nigerian youth says:

    The pertinent question is this…are Nigerians better off in this present dispensation? Its difficult to decide who is worse between you and the yesterdaymen you refer to. You are all a bunch of men my generation cant wait to get rid off.

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