Review: D’banj and the lack of talent thereof

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8 Responses

  1. TAiwo Henry Tope says:

    Dat is α very true fact about D’banj. Dat dude aint fading up anytime soon, he knows how to‎​ get †ђξ people moving. Dat is why he is an entertainer. I love him.

  2. Me says:

    Mr man!! Who told u Oyato was a mistake…he made that song for his fans and not critics…we stood/standing by him while others think he will fail….Dbanjs only message to his critics will be his success…eventual break into d int’l market which he so longs for(I wish him d best).
    We Love dbanj out here and he is not going anywhere not anytime soon bro.
    God bless u eja nla…U R DOING WELL Oyato jor

  3. Sugarr says:

    Oga lo sun joh! U r chatting rubbish. Jst cos u av d right 2 b heard doesn’t mean u have d right to display your myopism on the World Wide Web…

  4. perry says:

    Absolutely fantastic piece.Well thought out.

  5. Sk says:

    Musicians can make a paint of story dat cant take sum1 yrs 2 realise. D’banj is tryin…its nt easy bt he realy need some advancement,the industry is filled with talentz.

  6. Tosin Otitoju says:

    Funny thing is, I like Oyato. One of the smoothest tunes ever from D'Banj.

  7. DA says:

    The Author of this piece is very flippant. Iyanyan won the Project Fame award, you should listen to his first single for ‘more education’. Wizkid released a damn fine first album, his style is unique and alluring. Davido at least has proved not to be a one hit wonder. Beyond his smash hit, he has done two or three other songs. so there goes ur Untalented Entertainment Opinion, trash can material.
    Oyato is a fair song, just wrongly-timed. D’banj is a consummate musician, he should have remained the big fish in our small river.

  8. Without disrespect, I would not like to mice words about your write up. From a critical analysis of this write up, I can sense embittered mind of someone whose view or opinion has been clouded by bias, hate and beef. In as much as I like u style of literature, I dislike your dishonesty, insincerity and unnecessary blackmail of a successful youngman. Please be careful not to lead readers astray on this present discussion about D'banj. Thanks

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