Sad news: Smallville actor, Lee Thompson Young commits suicide at 29

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8 Responses

  1. pearl says:

    May his soul rest in peace. Wonder what went wrong. Such a good looking fellow with a bright future. So sad.

  2. Joshua says:

    People claim their lives because the system of this world which is operated by the devil tells them theres no eternity and no God to account to. The man who death scares has a conscious or unconscious knowledge that there is Heaven and theres a hell. I pray God comforts his loved ones,as for him the devil has him just where he wanted him. I hope young people would come to this truth.

  3. ibitola says:

    despirate youth hmmmm……..,

  4. odophor gabriel says:

    hmmm …what a shock.

  5. Kyenpiya Aderonmu says:

    No matter how terrible you think life can be, someone else somewhere is desiring to be in your shoes; just keep hope alive…

  6. Olumayowa says:

    It is a sin to take ur own life ‘cos u do not own it. May God grant his family d fortitude to bear d loss.

  7. Com. Uk22 says:

    Not all dat glitter is gold in life, nt all celebreties r celebrating. Beware!

  8. Ajah Justice says:

    very painful dat lee Thomson is no more.such a Hollywood star wl b forgotten very soon, i could remember he played an important role in in peace.

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