The Sexuality Blog: Does God hate homosexuals?

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  • Dez Dez says:

    obviously. He created Adam and Eve for a reason. We didn’t read about a man to man affair in the Bible

  • kasiwui ezra says:

    Sex is made of man & women after marriage. is not for man & man or women & women is against the low in bible. we tank GOD for good generations we need JESUS in our life now pls TRUMP do ur best to make the nation’s greeter Dan ever before we love u in JESUS NAME.

  • Hor tony says:

    There is no place in bible that encourage samsex any one that preach it is made of devil and those that practice it are enemys of God

  • anene Reginald says:

    God loves every one. He loves LGBTQ people and straight people but that does not mean that God endorses Sin. God LOVES sinners but does not endorse sin.

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