SHOCKING: How human hair weave led to death of a girl, put others in critical condition

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7 Responses

  1. Ajang Nuhu says:

    A must read …..✔

  2. Alice Brown says:

    may the lord God have Mercy on us

  3. Sadiya Ali says:

    girls be careful,it demonic

  4. Ladies! It is high time you done away with all this madness of fixing another' woman' s hair in the name of fashion trend. Beware! Lest you become the next victim…

  5. what is wrong with our natural hair?

  6. james says:

    That’s why I love Islam. Women are encouraged to beautify themselves but within limits determined by their Creator Who knows what’s better them. Muslim women are forbidden from using hair attachments whether from animals or humans- dead or alive. Prevention is thus achieved . I think in South America gangs go about stealing the hair of women in the street. Strange times

  7. are u sure? WHY is your not giving u problems

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