Shocking video shows mob sodomizing naked ladies for stealing pepper, activists protest (Viewer Discretion)

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8 Responses

  1. Eddy Randy says:

    This is very inhuman, I feel so bad seeing this kind of video coming from our people, this is heartless to womanhood, with videos like this it gives us living outside Nigeria bad names. So so sad

  2. Can we see dis video on youtube?

  3. @ Eddy Randy,am telling u,those of us living outsided our country r rili finding it vry hard 2 defend our beluved country,bcus of act like dis,its so shameful

  4. Jesus have Mercy!I wonder how You feel,You are Seing too much,please have Mercy on our Land!

  5. Wode says:

    This is Crazy!!! The perpetrators have to be identified and brought to book. I can’t believe that this kind of thing can happen in this age. It’s quite incredibly shocking and demoralizing!

  6. gift says:

    If proper investigation needs to be carried out I think the associational head of the pepper sellers and d iyaloja should be arrested. They will fish out the vigilante team leader as at then who will name his men that did this barbaric act

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