Should a man get into the bath-tub naked with his granddaughter? See this photo and decide

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26 Responses

  1. Very innocent but that shouldn't be incourage

  2. Chinkere says:

    This should not be encouraged. We might be giving chance abominable things to happen.

  3. Jennifer Y. says:

    Nothing wrong with it abeg. People cd be so perverse

  4. @phateemassari says:

    A big no no…. It’s just wrong on so many levels

  5. Obaji Collins Ogbonna says:

    Nothing wrong with that but this generation more concious of evil than good. May God help us.

  6. Folorunso David says:

    quite innocent…its just that alot of things have gone wrong in our world today…however parents should tread with caution.looking forward to a world free of sin.God bless u Bishop…we can stil stand up for righteousness in a perverse world

  7. Jerry Terdoo says:

    well, I see nothing wrong with that…. Because the granddaughter has the right to bath with her grandfather.

  8. bored says:

    Nothing wrong with this jor. People should get off their moral high horses and let them be.

  9. enitan says:

    Ntin wrong wif dis far as am concern.d media is tryin 2 overheat d situation.were is it written in both books dat we shuld nt birth wit our grandchild.who r u 2 judge anybody.

  10. I think it is harmless, his intentions are real even the fact that its the little girl's mommy that takes the pic. Who is complaining here.

  11. kokoette umoren says:

    I think this act is entirely harmless for the fact that it was with the permission of the. Little girl’s mommy. Who’s complaining here?

  12. John richard says:

    I don’t think there’s any thing wrong with that cause she’s still a very young girl and d man wasn’t doing anything negative with her in d bath tub which is d most important

  13. Abey. says:

    It is ideal,as for me I do not see it bad.

  14. collin john says:

    It’s quite not good for such encounter, so bad..

  15. Pls no big thing for him 2 do so and 85% can do so .

  16. sidney says:

    There is nothing wrong but should not be encouraged

  17. benet says:

    Never give the devil a ride cos he will always ger to drive.

  18. hmmmm as innocent as this might be…a whole pastor! some of these things we need to think before we leap? and how did the fotos reach publicity self? hmmmm suspicious?

  19. S. R ADEDAYO says:


    • ashanti says:

      I think that it is a big no no because he can be rapping her or touching her. and he is leaving his dick out like it is nothing

  20. JUNE says:


  21. cynthia says:

    That shouldn’t even be a discussion .Its No ,HELL NO, IS YOUR ASS STUPID NO, Common Sense .

  22. Idell Tate says:

    Okay now he’s a pastor then he clearly should know the word of God even says don’t let your good be evil spoken of. And in this society where children are getting raped everyday that’s just don’t look right for no over grown man to be naked in front of a child. Let alone in the tub with her. I wonder do he feel it’s ok to walk around naked in front of his daughter…… Same thing. Police should investigate this bcuz it could be some long history of child sexual abuse even with the daughter for her to think this was ok. I wouldn’t even let my 7 and 8 year old grandchildren boy and girl bath together. So I feel this is wrong wrong wrong!!! No justification in my eyes.

  23. Think For Yourselves! says:

    So where is the proof that he is naked? He could very well be wearing shorts, and the girl could be wearing a bathing suit. Right or wrong, it is also fairly common for girls that age to not wear a shirt. This picture is probably taken out of context just like everything else on the internet. You people need to think for yourselves instead of believing all the bullshit “news” websites like these call journalism.

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