SNAPSHOT: Noble Igwe, (aggressively) Igbo and proud for the red carpet

by Rachel Ogbu


This photo from publisher and entertainment entrepreneur Noble Igwe’s Instagram page just shows how proud he is to be an Igbo man. Bling check, red cap – looking good, loafers, shined and polished – apparently before the Y! Magazine Annual Black Ball.

The entreprenuer also added a message to go with his gear:

“No matter where you are , don’t ever forget your motherland . Okara mmadu ,okara Agu.Eze amana Oga echi 1 Ihiala,Ebube Agu 1 of Umuomaku .#igboboy #redcap#isiagu#madeinnigeria”

We salute you, chief.

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  1. Rubbish! LOL

    We should arrive at a point where anyone can wear any of our national dresses regardless of where they're from and not worry about ethnic identity. YOU HEAR?