SNAPSHOT: Sani and Maryam Abacha a looooong time ago

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14 Responses

  1. RIP my dear respected MENTOR! Of course you shall never be forgotten in ma whole life due to so many legacies you have portrayed during your time.

  2. Abacha was a very handsome man same for his wife, no wonder they have pretty and handsome children

  3. sleegs says:

    I cant believe anyone will thank God for such a father

  4. ya ya daidai allah ya saka.

  5. ya ya daidai allah ya saka.

  6. abdul abdul says:

    Jiya ba yau ba. Great dealer good citizen . Rest in peace

  7. abdul abdul says:

    Great leader good citizen

  8. Stark says:

    Hahahaha… Even monsters have loved ones… Rot in hell Sanni

  9. Adewale Adegoke says:

    beautiful couple

  10. Nasiru mustapha (Danjauro) says:

    Allahu Akbar. GENERAL !!! May your soul rest in peace. Hajiya I wish u long life and prosperity. PTF drugs were yesterday burn by men of TEDP in Jalingo without replacement

  11. alaka kolawole says:

    RIP General Abacha great leader,patriot our lost visionary leader ,victim of circumstance.

  12. yahaya umar says:

    The man had play his part as a leader however he died in unusual situation.

  13. pablo says:

    All thoses postin stupid comments bout d late General. I bliv u guys dnt respect ur parents, or u dnt even av parents at all. Bastards. Especially Sleegs & Stark.

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