Sugabelly: I don’t have the strength to be a Nigerian (Y! Superblogger)

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  • abeautifulmind

    Where did u used to live before moving to Nigeria?

  • dayo

    Well, its just the plain truth u laid out. that wish u made about being born in Ghana instead, I’v made that wish severally. I can relate to wat u aяe sayin cos its out there everywhere. A lot of people will deny this ofcos. I’m sorry for us

  • HaroldWrites @

    Myopic opinion. No sufficient premise/facts to arrive at the conclusion that relationships are expensive in Nigeria. This is a subjective issue. A few “expensive” relationships in Lagos/Abuja can’t be interpreted to mean relationships are expensive in the whole of Nigeria. You will agree with me that there are also “hot zones” in developed countries where super runs girls work. Does that mean relationships in that country as a whole are expensive?

    • Nneka

      Pray please tell exactly which culture and from what tribe in nigeria coz i have never heard of this before and i quote “our culture demands our men spoil us” . I know that husbands are supposed to provide for their wives and children traditionally but i don’t know anything about spoiling

  • Malate

    @ Harold, that’s why it’s an op-ed piece and not a research paper. You can’t say she is wrong, it’s her opinion, everyone has the right to an opinion and she has presented hers eloquently and with complimentary facts.

  • cknaija

    Lovely piece, I’m into manga and anime I’m tripping, you don’t have to sleep around for the machine, we could go into buisness, I’ve got friends and a whole underground fanbase on anime, comics, video games, etc. We should connect, have you heard about comicon? Its happening in lagos, comic exhibition, opportunity to exhibit your work and network

  • Sir Farouk

    Sadly, I agree with you. I really do wish things were better. I wish the men would stop taking advantage of women for money and the women would stop exchanging sexual favors for money. As someone who didnt really start dating until i left the country, it was my first culture shock when I returned that everything was more or less about money or material things. Of course the good thing is that there are exceptions, there are some really lovely ladies who do not care about the material things. So there is hope after all.

  • naija

    i think nigerians are just more practical about relationships than americans. same goes for a lot of non americans actually. its the US where a girl will do whatever with a guy and not even know if he likes her lol. at least in naija, the woman could care less whether you love or like her, but in her heart she’s satisfied because she gets what she wants