‘Buy her a jersey… and flowers’: 11 ways to get your girlfriend to actually watch football

by Esteban


Guys, some of you are just lucky. You’ve got girlfriends or wives that already like football, and so when the NFL playoffs come around you get to sit down and watch as much gridiron action as you want without making your female companion feel neglected. However, I’m willing to bet that most of you tend to encounter “relationship problems” when January rolls around and you start spending 12 hours watching football every weekend.

So is there solution to this predicament that doesn’t involve skipping the football? Yes, and it’s quite simple, really: get your girlfriend to watch football with you.

Now I know what you might be saying. “No way. Not going to happen.” But it can. Seriously. I’ve read up on the subject and—gasp—even asked a few real live females their opinions, so today I’ve got a list of things you can do to get your special lady friend to watch the game with you. Some of them may not apply to your specific female situation because, contrary to popular belief, not all women are the same. (Who knew?) Thus, you’ll have to tailor these tactics to your specific needs. But I am confident that, if nothing else, these eleven points will provide a good framework.

So have a look, and give these a try this weekend with the NFC and AFC Championship Games. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

11. Let her know you want to watch football with her

Make it clear to your girlfriend that you actually want to watch football with her. Use keywords like “sharing” and “quality time” and “strengthening” and “relationship” to explain it if you have to (and if you can do it without sounding like a tool). This is the most important thing to do. If you don’t start here, you’ll get nowhere. Chances are your girlfriend has enough interests and hobbies and isn’t necessarily looking for a new one. So you need to give her a reason.

10. Pick and Choose

If you’re GF is a football beginner, start slow. Don’t expect her to spend 6 hours in a row watching football. So pick the one you want to watch most, or the one you think she might be most interested in (see numbers 8 and 7) and go with that. If things go well, who knows? By this time next year—assuming you’re still together—maybe you’ll both be glued to the couch from the first snap of Wild Card weekend.

9. Tailor the rituals to suit her interests

One of the most appealing aspects of football are the rituals that surround it: the party, the food, the beer. But while to you nothing goes better with football than beer and nachos, keep in mind that this might not be the case for your female companion. If she likes beer and nachos, well then great. But if she doesn’t, tailor the gameday rituals to her interests and tastes.

If you’re having people over, make it a balanced group (i.e., invite other chicks) instead of a bunch of your sports nut buddies. And in the food and beverage department, if she likes wine and cheese, then you make sure she has wine and cheese. And if she likes Honolulu Barbie drinks garnished with pineapple and little umbrellas, then you make sure she has Honolulu Barbie drinks garnished with pineapple and little umbrellas.

8. Emphasize the human element

I hate to stereotype, but the TV viewership demographics don’t lie: women like different kinds of shows than men. For example, if you are a guy, you do not enjoy watching “Dance Moms,” “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” or “Real Housewives of Orange County.” But for some reason women do. So try to bring what women seem to like about these shows—the drama, the gossip, the fights—into football.

Talk about feuds and scandals and who’s dating who and ask yourself, what would TMZ talk about if they were covering the NFL? Tell your girlfriend stuff like, “Tony Romo used to date Jessica Simpson, but now she’s married to a Chicago Bear.” Or “Tom Brady is the one who’s married to Gisele Bundchen.” Or “the Jets coach made a kinky foot fetish video with his wife.”

You could also show her the cheerleading page of your favorite team’s website. They’ve usually got little bios and behind-the-scenes videos that might appeal to reality TV fans.

And if your girlfriend doesn’t like any of these things, just find a way to connect the game to what she likes. Is she really into politics? Talk about how the team is trying to get the city to build a new stadium. Is she really into school? Talk about the guys (like Andrew Luck) who went to good schools. You get the idea.

7. Point out the hotties

Hey, you get to look at the cheerleaders. Why shouldn’t your girlfriend get some eye candy too? Point out the hot guys to her. Chicks like butts in spandex, too.

Does this idea make you uncomfortable or insecure? It shouldn’t. Are you worried you’re lady might get turned on by Mark Sanchez? Don’t be. It’s never a bad thing to have your lady turned on as long as you are the one sitting next to her on the couch and not Cam Newton.

6. Take an interest in her shows

If you want her to watch your stuff with you, then you should watch her stuff with her. And I’m not talking about a legalistic, quid pro quo exchange here. Don’t go to her and say, “if you watch football with me this weekend, I’ll watch ‘Cheer Perfection’ with you tonight.” Sure, it might work, but this coupon system isn’t ultimately what you’re after. You want your girlfriend to actually like watching football with you, and she’s not going to like it if she approaches it as a chore.

So just start watching her shows with her. Don’t say it’s because you want her to watch football. Just do it…even if you hate it. She might appreciate it and reciprocate without everybody having to bargain like used car dealers. And who knows, maybe she’ll find ways to make watching her shows more enjoyable for you.

5. Watch some sports movies and documentaries 

Sports movies and documentaries do a great job of dramatizing the action on the field. So find some news stories on YouTube of athletes doing amazing charity work, or get out your copy of Rudy and watch it with the GF. It might help her connect with the stuff going on down on the field a bit better.

4. Explain and be patient

Football is complex and confusing, and if you’re girlfriend is new to the sport she’s going to have lots of questions. Thus, while this is obvious, I’ll state it anyway: be patient. If she asks tons of questions, even stupid ones, that’s fantastic. Who cares if she asks what the secondary is a thousand times? If she’s listening then you’ve done something right because she’s paying attention.

If she’s not asking questions, try explaining some things as they come up. Go learn a little trivia about the game (such as the history of the forward pass, or the history of the teams you are watching) to provide some context. But don’t get too detailed—you don’t want to lose her.

3. Buy her a jersey…and flowers

There is not a heterosexual woman on earth who doesn’t enjoy receiving a gift from a man out of the blue. So buy your girlfriend a jersey, and not the regular kind you would wear, but those slimmer fitting ones designed just for ladies. Hell, get the pink kind, or the kind with the sparkles and rhinestones. There’s nothing wrong with making football more girly so long as you’re doing it for a girl.

And while you’re out shopping, get her flowers too. That will make the football watching feel more like a date

2. Talk about stuff other than football

During the commercials and downtime, talk to her about stuff other than football. You know you are going to have to hear about so and so at work who said this or that at some point. It might as well be while you’re watching the game. For her it breaks up the monotony a bit. For you it’ll give you an excuse for cutting some stories short (e.g., “hold on babe, I want to hear what the ref is saying”).

1. Get her addicted to gambling

Okay, maybe don’t get her addicted to placing serious wagers, but at least join a football pool together. Nothing gets you interested in the outcome of a particular game like having money on the line. And this is as true for rabid NFL fans as it is for beginners. So organize a casual weekly pool with your circle of friends and get your girlfriend in on it—preferably one where you have to buy in at the start of the season. You’ll be surprised how interested she can be when a new pair of shoes is on the line.


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12 things to NEVER say to someone in a long term relationship

by Tess Koman & Kathleen Kamphausen


Is your sex life still as exciting as it used to be? No, because we used to be 20 years old and horny 24/7 and have sex before and after dinner. 

1. When do you think he’s going to propose? On any given day, I am panicking about whether or not I left my straightener on and/or if anyone notices when I text under my desk. I am not worried about when he will or will not ask me to be with him for even longer.

2. Oh, I forgot you’re not married. Me too, sometimes! There’s something comforting about being so comfortable that you forget how long you’ve been together. Don’t look so disappointed! Things are really good!

3. Have you thought about what you’d say if he proposes? Yes. Yes I have.

4. But do you guys ever talk about marriage? Yes! We also talk about work and people we hate and why we are suddenly so gassy. Marriage is on the list of Important Future Things we discuss.

5. When will you have babies? Whenever we want, mom.

6. Why did you move in so quickly/Why haven’t you moved in together yet? Because we wanted/didn’t want to!

7. Do you get sick of each other? Sure. Everyone gets sick of everyone sometimes. But it’s rude to ask.

8. Do you ever run out of things to talk about? See numbers 4 through 7. There are also a lot of episodes of Orange Is the New Black we haven’t discussed yet.

9. Is your sex life still as exciting as it used to be? No, because we used to be 20 years old and horny 24/7 and have sex before and after dinner. All you really need to know is that the sex is good and frequent enough that all parties involved are satisfied.

10. [When out at a bar/socializing alone anywhere] Where IS he? Do you want us to get sick of each other? In order to be a sane S.O., one must spend time by herself/her friends. Also, just because we’re dating doesn’t men I have a constant GPS on him.

11. What’s your secret?! Well, we like each other. And we’re super honest with each other. And we’re nice people.

12. Do you think you’ll be together forever? Yes. Yes, I do.


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No court order bars David Mark from reading defecting senators’ letter – APC says

by Oge Okonkwo


The All Progressives Congress (APC) has said contrary to the misinformation being peddled in some quarters, there is no existing court order barring the 11 former PDP Senators from defecting to the APC last week

In a statement issued in Ilorin on Sunday by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the existing court order is to the effect that the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives should maintain the status quo concerning defecting lawmakers.

”What this order means is that neither the President of the Senate
nor the Speaker of the House can declare vacant the seats of the defecting lawmakers. It does not mean the letter of notification from defecting members cannot be read on the floor of the chambers,” it said.

APC said that in view of this, the argument that the defecting letter cannot be read on the floor, so as not to contravene the Senate’s Standing Rules that precludes the upper chamber from discussing any matter that is already in court, does not apply in this case.

”We are not asking that the issue of the defection should be discussed or debated on the floor of the Senate. All we are saying is that the Senate President should read the letter of notification.

The coast is very clear for this to be done, and the Senate President is duty bound to do so,” the party said.

It reminded those who may somehow be engaging in wishful thinking
-that the 11 Senators can be tactically prevented from defecting from
the PDP to the APC – to know that it is too late in the day for anyone
to stall the move on the basis of a non-existent court order or a
Standing Rule that will only be operational if indeed there is a court order expressly concerning the Senators’ letter.

”The act of defection by the 11 Senators took place the moment they
handed their letter to the Senate President at 10 am on the morning of
Wednesday 29th of January 2014 whether or not the Senate President
goes ahead to read the letter. Therefore, trying to stall the defection by stonewalling on the letter or attempting to secure a dubious injunction especially when our lawyers were not served the motion papers until about 4pm of the same Wednesday is like seeking to abort a pregnancy when the baby has already been born.

”The existing court order that the Senate President and the House
Speaker should maintain the status quo actually strengthens the letter
written by the Senators who defected, because it says that their seats
cannot be declared vacant until the issue has been determined, hence
their defection letter should be read without delay,” APC said.

8 sensational things you can do with citrus

by Adriana Velez


1. Blood Orange Lemon Bars: I love blood oranges, their gorgeous, purple-red flesh and sweet-tart flavor. And I love lemon bars. So this combines two of my favorite things. These look luscious!

2. Meyer Lemon Roast Chicken: Meyer lemons are sweeter than regular lemons. Even if you can’t find Meyer lemons, I think this roast chicken recipe would be fantastic with regular lemons.

3. Gremolata: This is an Italian condiment made from chopped herbs, garlic, and lemon peel. You can sprinkle it on anything — salads, roasts, even toast would be good.

4. Key Lime Meltaways: Key limes are a special kind of limes that are smaller and, you guess it, a bit sweeter than the usual. You already know about key lime pie. But check out these lime-kissed cookies.

5. Thai Pomelo Salad: A pomelo is similar to a grapefruit, but larger. This Thai salad looks flavorful and refreshing.

6. Broiled Grapefruit: Speaking of grapefruit, it’s delicious on its own. But when you broil it, the sugars caramelize into yummmm. Give it a try for brunch this weekend.

7. Orange Sugar: Mix some orange zest and sugar to sweeten your tea.

8. Jasmine-Tea Tangerineade: How is that New Year’s resolution to drink more green tea going? Better than mine, I hope. This is a fun, barely tart twist that’s refreshing any time of the year.


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Lagos bars pregnant women, children, others from pilgrimage

by Oge Okonkwo


Pregnant women, children, aged people, people with terminal diseases like cancer, stroke and others have been barred from taking part in this year’s pilgrimage (hajj) by the Lagos state government.

This announcement was made due to their susceptibility to the deadly Coronavirus ravaging Saudi Arabia and parts of the Middle East and Asia,as they were highly at risk if they embark on the journey to Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, at an emergency news conference at the weekend advised Nigerians travelling to Saudi Arabia,  ensure they take precautionary measures in order not to contract the disease.

PM News reports:

Idris stated that pregnant women and others who had already paid for the hajj should have their money refunded to them so that they could stay back home.

The commissioner added that Coronavirus had not been found in any state in Nigeria yet, saying Nigerian pilgrims were asked to take precautionary measures since the virus has been found in Asia, particularly in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Idris likened the new virus to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS, that ravaged the world some years back, urging the vulnerable group not to embark on the lesser Haji or the full hajj, and reiterated his earlier call on the people to observe a high standard of personal and environmental hygiene in order to reduce the risk of infection.

He called on the people to suspect Coronavirus in people that develop acute respiratory illnesses with a history of recent travel to areas where the virus has been reported and not responding to appropriate treatment for the listed complaints or a close contact of a symptomatic traveller to areas where the virus has been reported.

The commissioner added that though the World Health Organisation, WHO, was not restricting movement to the affected countries, as it is still studying the virus with a view to unraveling its nature and how best to deal with it, it became necessary for the state to feel concerned because of the large number of people who usually attend the pilgrimage from the state, especially since the virus spreads speedily.

He said the Saudi Arabian authorities had also tried to put some measures in place to avoid its spread by advising vulnerable people such as the elderly, pregnant women, children and people with chronic lung infections as well as stroke not to embark on the pilgrimage.

Coronavirus spread has not been extensively studied by health experts but it has been confirmed that it could be transmitted easily from one person to another through coughing and sneezing, close contact such as touching or shaking the hands of an infected person, and touching one’s mouth, nose or eyes after touching contaminated objects or surfaces.

Human Coronavirus usually causes mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illnesses and could progress to severe respiratory illness and pneumonia particularly in the aged, young and already ill people, while its symptoms include running nose, sore throat, shortness of breath and fever.

Health experts say there is no specific treatment for illnesses caused by Coronavirus. Most people with Coronavirus will recover on their own and they may require supportive treatment which includes staying at home, resting and drinking a lot of fluids.

However, those that progressed to severe distress will need to be admitted into the hospital for specialised care. Overall, 90 people in the Middle East have contracted the virus, with 45 of them already dead. Of the 90 people infected with the virus, 70 of them are in Saudi Arabia and 38 of them have died.

With over 70,000 Nigerians intending to travel to Saudi Arabia for this year’s hajj and Umrah, there are fears that many of them could contract the disease, which is highly communicable.

Idris also urged all those who would be going on the pilgrimage to also get vaccinated against viruses like Meningitis because it is a virus that thrives where many people mingle, saying this explained why the Saudi authorities were insistent on would-be pilgrims taking the vaccine.

For the guys: Top 10 ways to meet women

by Steve Harold


You will have more success at talking to and pulling women when they are by themselves. This is because when she is around other people such as friends, or work colleagues, she will be conscious of what they may think of her.

1. Throughout the day

You can meet women when they are on their own throughout the day. A few good places to meet them are coffee shops, supermarkets, on public transport, banks etc.

You will have more success at talking to and pulling women when they are by themselves. This is because when she is around other people such as friends, or work colleagues, she will be conscious of what they may think of her.

Also when a woman is with a group of female friends, you tend to get blocked out by them. They will do this by interrupting the conversation, or by pulling her away. Her friend may say something like ‘Come on we need to get going!’

When a woman is by herself she will act differently, compared to if she was with a group of people.

2. Dating online

Most men think dating online is sad and desperate. This is why it is a good opportunity for you as there is less competition. The main advantage of online dating is that it is easier to meet women and skips the introduction stage. You will go straight to the one on one date.

Women that use online dating sites tend to be a bit older, say 25 and over. With the women you get along with online, try to meet with them as quick as you can. Don’t waste time sending emails or private messaging them. When speaking to her on the phone keep it as short as you like.

An intelligent guess would be that she is already attracted to you if she has agreed to meet up. So it should be as simple as meeting up with her and try to get her into bed.

Most websites offer free trials, so take advantage of this before signing up.

Remember you are trying to advertise yourself. So put a load of interesting stuff about yourself and be witty. Don’t put yourself down or anything negative. You should have more than one profile picture. Be daring with action shots and pictures of yourself relaxing.

Make sure you ask to see a picture of her before you meet up. You don’t want to agree to meet up and then it turns out she looks like something out of star wars. Don’t waste your time.

3. Speed dating

This tends to be more popular with women than men, which is why it’s a good opportunity for you. About 15 single men and women take it in turns having a one on one conversation with each other for 5 or so minutes, then move to the next one.

Be playful when giving your answers to questions. You don’t have to tell the full truth.

The advantage of speed dating is that it forces you into a situation where you have to talk to women. The sorts of women you will find at these events are like the ones you will find on dating websites.

4. Weddings

When single women go to weddings, they are hoping to meet a single man. The key is to try to socialize with as many people possible whilst your there and don’t get drunk. An easy topic to talk about is how you know the bride and groom, and go from there.

5. Work

Many relationships begin at the workplace. This is because you are around each other most of the time, under various challenging conditions that need trust. You should only let women approach you though in the work place. If you approach them and they are not interested it could lead you in to trouble, even getting the sack.

6. Nightclubs and Bars

One thing you can say about these places is that you get many fit girls hanging about in one area. However there are a lot of disadvantages that go with it.

One problem is that throughout the night, most women will get approached by drunken men trying to pull them. So straight away they are on their guard. Believe it or not, most women go to nightclubs and bars to have a drink with their friends and dance. Not to look for a man.

Nearly all women will go to a club with a group of friends. So if you do end up chatting to a fit girl, you will be in competition with her friends, trying to pull her away from you. Also be aware of jealous men too. They will try to do the same thing.

If you want to pull women in clubs then do not get drunk or get into fights. Both are a turn off for women. You should dress to impress without going too over the top, and have a friend/s that can talk to her mates whilst you are talking to her. Splitting the girl up from her mates is going to be difficult. They will only let her go if they like and trust you.

So overall the disadvantages of meeting someone in a nightclub, compared to meeting someone elsewhere is far greater. So give the nightclub scene a miss.

7. Pubs

Pubs are usually a completely different place to bars and nightclubs. People are more relaxed and willing to socialize after a hard day’s work.

If you are an older man, pubs are also a good opportunity to meet older women, who are not able to stay up until the early hours of the night dancing away.

Pubs also have happy hours which usually end just before dinner time. So this could be a good opportunity to grab a bite to eat with a woman.

8. House Parties

House parties can be fun and a bit like a nightclub. The good thing here is that compared to nightclubs it is more than likely you will know a lot of people there as you have been invited, and the music isn’t too loud so you will find it easier to make conversation with a woman. Although there are still a lot of distractions at house parties, such as, dancing, friends trying to get her to go on to a nightclub etc. So you should still try to get her away from the house party and take her somewhere quieter and more relaxed.

9. Classes

You should carefully pick classes where there will be a lot of women and very little men. It can be difficult chatting up a class mate without it being obvious that you are doing so. If she can tell that you are attracted to her before she is attracted to you, then you might scare her off.

The best way to go about this is by chatting to her about the subject of the class. Search the internet to try to find out as much as you can about the topic. You will show that you are an expert in the field which will increase your alpha status.

Types of classes you should consider where there will be a lot of women are; foreign languages, art, cooking, dance, yoga etc. The advantage of taking such courses is that you will have plenty to talk about when you meet women, and you will be improving yourself.

10. Social circle

A lot of couples meet through their social circle. They may have been set up on a date or met through mutual friends and got on well. So with this in mind, you should work at increasing your social network of friends, both male and female. Meet up with old friends, hang around with people from work, and make new friends. If you do this you will be introduced to more people in your life.

To build your social network you just need to be friendly and proactive. Being friendly just means focusing yourself on the other person’s enjoyment. Fill them with positive emotions.

If you are lonely it usually comes from depression and a poor mindset. If you are like this no one will want to hang around with you. People want to be your friend if they receive an added benefit. Their benefit is that they enjoy and have fun when they hang out with you.

When you’re with friends, let them talk about what they want to. As an Alpha Male you are not needy and you don’t have to always steer the conversation to talk about yourself.

You need to be proactive. So instead of waiting for people to call you, be the leader and organise your social life.

Other guidelines to take note:

• Don’t change your personality, to suit the type of people you are hanging out with.

• Having friend’s means if you need to leave work early to meet them, do it. If you need to miss gym to meet friends, do it.

• Accept your friends for who they are. You can’t change them.

• If you have lots of friends, choose who you hang out with. Some friends can bring you down.

• If you don’t have many friends then don’t say ‘no’ to any invitations.

• Don’t get annoyed that you are the one always calling your friends to do something. As an Alpha Male you are the leader and the organiser.


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Opinion: While businesses struggle, churches and bars boom

by Azuka Onwuka

In addition, many pastors lay special emphasis on tithing, and consequently use Malachi 3:10 to instil fear into their congregation… This makes expansion easier.

It is increasingly becoming obvious that the two fastest growing endeavours in Nigeria today are churches and bars, at least in the Southern part of the country, where the Islamist fundamentalists, Boko Haram, are not bombing churches and bars. If you have been observant, you will notice that the number of churches and bars in your neighbourhood has increased tremendously in the last five years.

Companies close shop and churches or bars take over their spaces. Until 2009 when the Central Bank of Nigeria came down hard on banks, they were the ones taking over every available space in Nigeria, so as to be called the biggest bank or the bank with the highest number of branches. These days, once a building or a piece of land is put up for sale or lease, chances are high that it is a church that will acquire it.

On the other hand, once a canopy is erected in front of a house on a central road or street in a neighbourhood, you can be sure that a new bar has sprung up where people will gather every evening to drink. Even in early January when many people usually still try to keep a resolution not to drink alcohol, or when many people are still recovering from the high amount of money they spent during the Christmas/New Year period, such roadside bars are still filled with patrons every evening. Interestingly, I have never seen any roadside bar that seems to be experiencing a lack of patronage, including those that operate beside dirty, stinking gutters.

Why are churches and bars booming at a time businesses are hurting and dying? Many reasons are responsible for this. First is that the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s vision of having a church within a walking distance of its worshippers seems to have thrown a challenge to other churches. Every church now also wants to have a branch close to its members.

Second, when all hope seems to be lost, the church provides hope to the faithful. The words of a minister reassure people that all is well no matter how dark the clouds are. Many pastors have also noticed that pastors who focus on prosperity have mammoth crowds; therefore, many of them have jumped on the bandwagon of prosperity preaching. Those whose businesses are struggling or have collapsed, flock to churches in search of their own breakthrough. It is said that when an economy is buoyant or life is rosy, many people think less of God. It is when things are bad that many people remember God and need Him to help them.

There is also the fact that churches help their members find jobs, business, spouses, among others. Many people have such needs and they flock to churches to find solutions to these needs. Friends and contacts are also made in churches which prove useful in life. The more people troop to churches to solve these problems, the more churches expand.

In addition, many pastors lay special emphasis on tithing, and consequently use Malachi 3:10 to instil fear into their congregation. This portion of the Bible says that those who don’t pay their tithes rob God and will consequently receive hard times in all their endeavours, but those who pay their tithes will receive an open window from God, from which He will pour down His blessings upon them. Even the older churches that never preached tithing have joined in preaching tithing as a compulsory Christian doctrine. In addition to tithing, many churches lay great emphasis on giving – seed-sowing, offering, seed of faith, covenant seed, dangerous giving, donation for special projects, etc – through which churches receive huge sums of money in comparison to what obtained in the past. This makes expansion easier.

Also in the past, being a priest was synonymous with poverty. It was seen as a calling, because only someone with a high conviction would choose the poverty, extreme self-denial, a life of service, risk and pain that were associated with priesthood. Priests were expected to live a life similar to that Jesus Christ and His apostles lived: a life of lack and service with no amassing of wealth or flamboyance. But given that many pastors are rich and flamboyant these days, being a pastor has become attractive. Many young people are daily pouring into the seminary or Bible college that it is difficult to know those who had a divine call and those who are just changing businesses. The effect is that churches build more branches to find places for the large number of ministers, while individuals who don’t want to be part of any of the existing churches open their own churches in their neighbourhoods, thereby increasing the number of churches.

In the case of bars, it is a fact that when many people record achievements, they celebrate with alcohol; and when they are hit by hard times, they drink more alcohol in an attempt to drown their sorrow, even if temporarily. Many people simply bury their problems in alcohol: a kind of escapism. As people’s debt mounts, as they are unsure of how to pay the next rent or children’s school fees, many resort to alcohol.

Money problem is also a huge source of marital crisis. Rather than drive home to face the anger of their wives for several hours, many people prefer to hang out with their friends in bars and return home only when it is bedtime, cutting down on the period they will spend with their wives before sunrise when another working day beckons on them to escape from home again.

The more people seek to drink, the more owners of bars smile to the bank, and the more new bars open to attend to the need of more drinkers.

Ironically, in spite of the massive expansion in churches as well as a rise in religious activities in Nigeria, there is a drop in values, morality and godliness. The Nigerian of today is less trusted internationally than the Nigerian of pre-1990. The Nigerian of today has a higher chance of demanding a bribe or giving a bribe or cheating another than the Nigerian of pre-1990. It therefore points to the fact that the expansion in churches and rise in religiosity have little to do with spreading the gospel of God and more to do with pecuniary consideration. But that is not to say that there are not many men of God whose desire in church expansion is driven purely by a need to win souls who will be godly and therefore great citizens.

The bitter truth is that countries don’t become great as a result of an astronomical rise in churches and bars. That companies are folding up and churches and bars are growing should sound a warning to the government that all is not well with the Nigerian economy. The economy needs to be revived so that those who want to worship God will worship Him in truth and spirit, not because of those material things that they believe they will get from Him, but because they are convinced that He is worthy to be worshipped. In the same vein, those who want to drink alcohol will drink it as a choice, not as an escapist mechanism from hard times.


This piece was first published in the Punch Newspapers



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