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After the marriage breakup rumours, Beyonce and Jay Z renew marital vows

by Kolapo Olapoju


Following a summer of breakup speculations, and the elevator incident, where Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, ferociously attacked Jay Z, it seems all is back to being peachy between the royal couple of music.

Over the past couple of months, several reports have surfaced alleging that Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage was headed for the rocks, and that the pair would eventually part ways.

In what seems to be good news for the fans of the couple, American tabloid, ‘People’ is reporting that parents of Blue Ivy have sorted their differences and even renewed their marital vows.

A source told the news platform: “They did have major problems. But they worked it out and they’ve renewed their vows. They worked it out for [the sake of] their reputations and for [their 2-year-old daughter] Blue Ivy.”

The couple are believed to have renewed their vows while traveling Europe, shortly after their joint ‘On the Run’ world tour.

Bangs beyon

Finally, she get’s something wrong: Beyonce’s fans are not happy with new hairstyle

by Damilola Jagun

Just when we were beginning to think she’s perfect ‘Mrs Goody two-shoes’, Beyonce shames us by getting something wrong; her new haristyle.

The ‘Drunk in Love’ singer showed up in Paris on Tuesday, 14 October, with a dramatic short bangs, which everyone is saying has a ‘retro vibe’, albeit in a weird way.

Many of Beyonce’s fans were shocked and surprised to see their beloved Queen Bey don the unexpected hairdo, while a few got over their initial surprise, and according to E!, it is growing on them.

But then, many of her die-hard followers cannot simply come to terms with ‘dem bangs’.

You like?

Bangs bey


He’s the father! DNA test proves Beyonce’s dad got former lingerie model pregnant

by Kolapo Olapoju

Beyoncé Knowles’s dad, Matthew Knowles is the father of TaQoya Branscomb’s child. This is according to the result of a paternity test conducted in a DNA laboratory in Texas

The 30-year-old former lingerie-model had earlier claimed that Knowles got her pregnant in 2010, after which she sued him for child support.


American gossip site, TMZ, obtained a copy of the paternity test ordered by a judge in Houston after the suit, and according to the test result, there’s a 99.998% certainty that Knowles is the biological father of TaQoya Branscomb’s child.

Knowles already has a 4-year-old child, Nixon, with another baby mama, Alexsandra Wright.


“My ideal partner shouldn’t necessarily be pretty” || 20 things you never knew about Asa at 32

by Kolapo Olapoju

Nigerian international singer, Bukola Elemide, popularly known as ‘Asa’ turns 32, today, 17 September.

Asa recently released her third studio album ‘Bed of Stone’ to critical acclaim with the lead single ‘Dead again’, and she has began a tour of Europe to promote the new record.

Back at home, in Nigeria, Asa is loved and celebrated, but due to her infrequent stay in the country, many Nigerians do not know a lot about the petite singer.

If you fall into that category, here are 20 things you should know about Asa.


Asa says her ideal future partner should be tall, slim, built, but not necessarily pretty.

Asa is the only female child in the family and has three brothers.

Asa was born in Paris, France to Nigerian parents, and her family returned to live in Nigeria when she was 2-years-old.

Asa grew up in Alagbole, a border town between Ogun and Lagos states.

At a tender age she began to look after the house during her parents’ frequent absences.

As a young girl, Asa rarely conversed as she preferred singing to talking, improvising endlessly until her mother made her stop.

Asa got influenced musically by her father’s collection of records featuring soul classics and Nigerian music, including Marvin Gaye, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin, King Sunny Adé, Ebenezer Obey and Lagbaja.

Asa was a tomboy and as a teenager, she was very shy because people constantly made fun of her.

In 2004 Aṣa met her manager and friend, Janet, who introduced her to Cobhams Emmanuel Asuquo, who produced and co-wrote her debut album.

In 2008, Asa won France’s prestigious Constantin award for new musical talent for her eponymous debut album.

Her second album, Beautiful Imperfection, was released on 25 October 2010.

Asa has opened live shows for musical superstars such as Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, Akon and John Legend.

9ice made me Asa speak Yoruba in their collaboration, ‘Pete Pete’. She says, “When he did that I thought that if he could do that then I can do it. And the song was better than the way I expected it”.

Asa loves her country, Nigeria. She says, “I like coming home. I’m not proud like people think; I am inspired at home.”

Asa and her manager, Janet Nwose, whom she was accused of having a lesbian relationship with, slammed a 700million naira lawsuit against the publishers of a Lagos-based magazine, ‘News of the People’ in 2013.

Asa Elemide was involved in a car accident in May 2013 when she was suddenly knocked down by a car in Nashvile, USA, while going for a walk.

Asa released her third studion album, ‘Bed of Stone’ on the 25th of August.

According to her words, she didn’t have a balanced childhood, owing to the divoce of her parents. She said, “It wasn’t a sweet marriage between my parents. It was abusive.”

In 2011, Asa was nominated for the French Music Awards in the category of ‘Female Artist of the Year’

Asa was once heartbroken after a man she met in France suddenly disappeared from her life. She said, “My friends always told me ‘Asa when you’re in love, mehn, if it goes sour, you’re going to cry’, and I’m like ‘oh, shut up!’ I thought I was strong. But later I was in a relationship with a guy in France, and he just disappeared. I didn’t know why. For weeks I was crazy, I was going back to the same spot where we met, hoping he would come. And then I asked myself, ‘what are you doing? You have to get over it.”

Jay Z and Beyonce

Power move: Beyonce and Jay Z to work on joint-album project

by Kolapo Olapoju


According to reports, American power couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z will be teaming up in the studio to work on a joint-album project.

Karli Henriquez, Vice President of Pop Programming at Dash Radio, revealed to E! that the pair, who have been married for six years, will be putting together a “huge new album”.

Sources from the camp of the couple, disclosed that the record is due for release in late 2014 or early 2015.

The news will excite fans of Beyonce and Jay-Z, who only recently wrapped-up their highly successful ‘On the Run Tour’ in Paris.

Beyonce released her fifth studio album ‘Beyoncé’ in 2013, without prior announcement or promotion, which led to a hysterical response from the public.

It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, giving Beyoncé her fifth consecutive number one album, and sold 828,773 copies worldwide in three days, going on to become one of the best albums of the year.

Jay Z, on the other hand, released his twelfth studio album, ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ in July 2013.

Like Beyonce’s record, it also debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling 528,000 copies in its first week, making it Jay-Z’s 13th consecutive studio album to top the chart.


Bikini battle: Beyonce and Rihanna go head-to-head in curves contest (PHOTOS)

by Kolapo Olapoju

Queen Bey and Princess Riri have amazing figures that could make a gay man straight.

The pair have over time proven that they are not shy of showing major skin, with Rihanna winning in that department.

While both are reasonably endowed with bodies that make many drool, Beyonce takes the prize here, for having a curvy near-perfect hourglass figure.

[slideshow_deploy id='305025']

Recently, Beyonce and Rihanna took off their clothes, and got into patterned and black bikinis, respectively.

While Rihanna was pictured taking a dip in the sea, while in her home-country of Barbados, Beyonce shared photos from her 33rd birthday on a yatch in the South of France.

Both superstar singers are undoubtedly sexy, but who do you think is hotter in bikini?

Bey and Jay1

Awww…. See what Beyonce got from Jay-Z after dinner date

by Damilola Jagun

After wrapping up their ‘On The Run’ tour over the weekend in Paris, celebrity power-couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z went out on a date-night on Monday, 15 September at Le Jules Verne restaurant, inside the Eiffel Tower.

Bey and Jay3

Beyonce, who was clad in a patterned grey-and-black dress and black booties, was seen holding a single red-rose, gotten from hubby, Jay Z, who sported a baggy black trousers, a charcoal-black sweater and white high-tops for the outing.

Bey and Jay2

The pair were arm-in-arm as they made their way out of the restaurant.

Nicki bra

Oh no, she didn’t! Nicki Minaj goes braless in Paris club (LOOK)

by Akan Ido

It’s hard to spot Nicki Minaj overdressed but her outfit on Friday night was off the hangers.

The 31-year-old rapper was out clubbing in Paris, France after her stage performance with Beyonce wearing a teeny turtle neck crop top which looked many sizes too small for her ample cleavage.

Nicki Minaj danced the night out with the green outfit riding high on her chest showing some massive under-boob.

She had on a pair of matching skin-tight leggings which showcased her famously curvy backside, and a pair of black and gold ankle boots.

You go girl!

See more photos below:

Nicki bra2

Beyonce bride

Oopsy! Beyoncé crashes wedding in Italy wearing a bikini (LOOK)

by Akan Ido

An Italian bride got the greatest surprise on her wedding day as super-couple, Beyonce and Jay Z inadvertently crashed her event on Saturday.

The multi-award winning artistes had apparently decided to visit a local church in Portofino, Italy when they discovered that a wedding ceremony was underway.

The 33-year-old was show-stopping in her black and pink floral bikini top, and a long pink skirt that was slit all the way to the top of her thigh. She also wore striped flip flops, a straw hat and cat-eye sunglasses over her minimally made-up face.

The beautiful bride didn’t seem anyway bothered by the rude interruption as she posed happily for pictures with the ‘Drunk in Love’ star.

Check out the pictures below:

Happy to share the spotlight: The bride was thrilled to have the singer be a part of her wedding


Whoops: Beyonce and Jay Z apparently went to visit a local church and then discovered nuptials were taking place


Open arms: The 33-year-old wrapped an arm around the bride so they could pose together


Caught in the act: Beyonce & Jay Z go touchy-feely in Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

by Isi Esene

Word around town is that Queen Bey and superstar rapper, Jay Z are heading for ‘splitsville’ but we see differently.

Beyonce and Jay Z who are arguably the world’s most valuable music can’t seem to keep their hands off each other as they shared cozy moments yesterday during Kanye West’s performance at the Made in America Festival in Los Angeles.

After seeing these intimate photos we can all agree they’re definitely, surely, maybe, possibly, absolutely, perhaps, probably, certainly, 100 per cent breaking up staying together… or not.

Check these out: