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Akin Osuntokun: Poverty of Nigeria’s history

by Akin Osuntokun Following upon the publication of the column penultimate week titled ‘Unfounded Fears of Revanchist Igbo’ I have been inundated with requests to write a companion piece on other ethnic groups. The...

Benjamin Adekunle 12

Benjamin Adekunle is dead

by Godwin Akanfe Benjamin Adekunle, a retired Civil War hero, popularly known as ‘Black Scorpion’ is dead. According to his wife, Folake, he died this morning in Lagos. Born in 1937, the Asipa of...

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Oria Iyayi: Was this a country?

by Oria Iyayi We do not teach the War in our schools, most times we act like it never happened. I never witnessed events of the Civil War having been born about a decade after...