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Nuhu Ribadu says he did not mean to hurt anyone with his defection (READ)

by James Sambo

Following his defection from All Progressives Congress (APC) to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and reports that he insulted President Goodluck Jonathan and some other politicians, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu has released a statement on his Facebook page clarifying the situation and stating his position.

Ribadu says he did not mean to hurt anyone with his defection and that he moved to PDP in pursue of a good cause, bereft of any selfish intention.

Read below his statement:
“My good friends,

I know how difficult it may be for you to come to terms with my defection to another party. But I must assure you that it’s a carefully considered decision for which I do not wish to hurt anyone’s feeling. I’ll not embark on a needless animosity with my good friends, irrespective of political, religious, regional and ethnic affiliations.

Let me quickly make it known that I did not issue a statement disparaging APC and its members, including Governors Amaechi, Kwankwaso… These were clearly fabricated, expected backlash, by mischievous characters interested in misleading the public and drawing a picture of non-existent feuds between me and my good friends.

My defection shouldn’t be seen as an initiation of political antagonism with my good friends in another party. I still hold them in high esteem, and even where there are marked differences, I believe there are decorous and honorable ways of resolving them. So, kindly disregard any statement said to be by me attacking the personality of any politician since my defection. I’ll never allow myself to be drawn into such disrespectful exchange.

As for my next step in this political struggle, this would be made known in due time. For now, I wish to assure you that my defection is in pursuit of a good cause, and never out of any selfish interests as portrayed by a section. Thanks for bearing with me on this decision, and for those who have been in solidarity with my struggles and still giving me the benefits of the doubt, I’m most grateful. I’ll never let you down on this new path. Thank you!”


It wasn’t me: Mallam Nuhu Ribadu denies insulting President Jonathan (READ)

by Godwin Akanfe


Mallam Nuhu Ribadu has denied the widespread reports that he labelled the country a ‘sinking ship’ and the President a ‘tyrant’.

It was earlier reported by news platforms that Ribadu made the comments at a lecture in Kaduna on Saturday, 16 August. It was alleged that he said Nigeria, under President Goodluck Jonathan, “was a sinking ship in which the yearnings of the masses were being neglected by a tyrannical leadership.”

However, Ribadu has released a statement saying that he did not attend any public function where he was said to have made the comments. In the statement which was released by his Media Assistant, Abdulaziz Abdulaziz, he said the so-called comments were fictitious and concocted.

The statement reads:

“Our attention has been drawn to a purported statement circulating in the social media and other online platforms allegedly made by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu on the persons of President Goodluck Jonathan and Governors Rotimi Ameachi and Rabiu Kwankwaso.

The so-called statement is baseless, malicious and fictitious whose origin is only the walls and timelines of those promoting the obviously sponsored smear campaign. We have had course to confront some people in the forefront of posting and tweeting those fictitious statements over the last 12 hours to prove the origin of the said statement or provide link to any credible news outfit that published the purported statement.

No one could provide any. Instead, the people involved, understandably acting the script of their sponsors, have continued to shamelessly spread the lies.

I want to reiterate that Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was not at any public function yesterday and he did not speak to anybody about the issues being attributed to him. Ribadu has no course to speak ill of anyone because he has changed his platform. He is still in good terms with his friends in the APC just as he was relating well with his friends in the PDP that were hitherto divided by political parties.”

Meanwhile, the presidency had initially reacted to the alleged ‘comments’ by releasing a statement where it said Ribadu was seeking to attain relevance.

According to the presidency’s statement: “The Presidency totally rejects the false, hypocritical and self-serving claim by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu at a lecture in Kaduna on Saturday that Nigeria under President Goodluck Jonathan is a “sinking ship” in which the yearnings of the masses are being neglected by a tyrannical leadership.


“This is the beginning of the end of misrule” – Nuhu Ribadu reacts to APC’s registration

A chieftain of the newly registered All Progressives Congress (APC), Mallam Nuhu Ribadu has joined other Nigerians in expressing happiness over the emergence of the mega opposition party, even as he charged members of the party to strive harder for the ultimate goal of dislodging the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Ribadu, in a statement in Abuja, congratulated key players in the merged parties “for shoving their personal interests in order to allow for mutation of a pan-Nigerian party that can provide credible alternative to the ruling party”.
The statement, issued by Ribadu’s media aide, Abdulaziz Abdulaziz, quoted the 2011 presidential candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), expressing hope that the new party would have sweeping victory comes the next general election.
“Like millions of Nigerians from all over the country, I am immensely delighted
over the successful registration of the All Progressives Congress (APC) by the Independent n National Electoral Commission (INEC),” Ribadu said.
According to him, the registration of the party by the electoral body “is not the end. It is the beginning of the end of misrule and cluelessness” as he called for renewed zeal and commitment by members of the party to achieve the desired objective.
He called on Nigerians to resist manipulations of the electoral process either through whipping up religious or sectional sentiments or by the use of money, maintaining that 2015 elections would be a major litmus test for the opposition and all progressive Nigerians.
The chairman of Nigeria's Economic and F

Opinion: Zaria – My encounter with depression

by Gimba Kakanda

The chairman of Nigeria's Economic and F

I compared that young and ambitious Maitama Sule to the defeated old and blind philosopher I saw in Zaria. And that was when, with tears in my heart, I muttered: May God save us from us!

Last weekend was not only the date of the setting out of a political firework that stressed the pulse of the nation, it’s my moment of emotional solidarity with the state of Nigeria, with the ongoing cluelessness adopted as policy in checking its monsters—ethnic bigotries, regional advocacies, religious intolerances and, the deadliest, variegated opinions of the stereotype artists whose inverted brains always fail at recognising exceptions in their rush to condemn a people, a religion or a region.

The June 8 event was a public lecture organised by students of Ahmadu Bello University in their efforts to listen in to the views of field marshals of Nigerian politics, their laments and proposals for new Nigeria. And the young men indeed showed wisdom in having the representatives of two generations of Nigerian political hierarchy in attendance. Tension was the perfect word to describe the presence of the controversial Professor Ango Abdullahi, a diehard advocate of the Old breed politicians, one who is wrongly portrayed by our one-dimensional media as the official spokesman of the entire northern region, amidst the emergent politicians of the day. Professor Ango was on the high table with the most eloquent living encyclopedia of old Nigeria, Dr. Yusuf Maitama Sule, Justice Mamman Nasir, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Abdullahi Mustapha, among others. Of the New breed were Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and representatives of Senator George Akume and Hon. Emmanuel Jime. The high table was not reserved for just politicians, it was shared by accomplished technocrats from various sectors. And yours sincerely was seated just behind the legendary Maitama Sule—on the high table of course!

I wasn’t shocked when Professor Ango, while taking us down the thorny lane of our politics, charged that the youth too shared in the failures of the country. But I do not agree. Much as I always try to validate the part of our national anthem that extols “the labour of our heroes past,” I reject any attempt to have us cornered as one of those responsible for the devolving turn of our nationhood. Nigeria was already a mess long before my generation learnt to tell A apart from H. And the ideologically charged young men before us ready to serve the nation were not given the chance, let alone the hopelessly angrier us. This was why I endorsed Mallam Nuhu Ribadu’s antidotes for a “sinking” Nigeria in his speech “Political Engagement: A New Approach”.

It is however understandable that the presidency was possessed by fears about the echoes of Ribadu’s revolutionary speech. In the over 3000 words employed to convey his message, Ribadu didn’t mention Goodluck Jonathan nor was he specific about a particular government. His message was a commonsense assessment of a system upturned, a sanity misplaced, and a nation in trouble—which exactly captures Nigeria. But, being that a butcher always panics on the sight of a knife in another man’s hand, the Presidency through its spokesman, Dr. Reuben Abati, counterpointed Ribadu’s in another misuse of adjectives that can only come from a man who has been on constant diets of cassava bread. Abati went loose, misinterpreting the plain meaning of ‘tyranny’ in the worst exhibition of intellectual indolence I have encountered in a long time, all to say that Ribadu lacked the ethical moralilty to condemn this administration. Comedy. For a President that appeared on international news channels to lie about the realities of 170 million people, ethical morality is the last phrase expected from the minions of that disgrace of a government.

I was depressed at the Zaria event largely because Maitama Sule, who was the youngest member of Sardauna’s government, having taken us through the history of our political engineering, and the challenges encountered, concluded, in a melancholic tone, that—“We are no longer what we were!” I was depressed by Maitama’s analogy of what the past leaders were able to achieve with meagre resources and the inability of these financially unwise governments to match the developments of countries with which we began this journey into political independence. Maitama cited India as an example, how despite its size and challenges it rules the Information Technology business today. And India has no oil!

My depression was not only because I was told what I knew, but the quavers of disappointments I discerned in the voice of a man who was a part of the pioneers that dug the foundations of modern Nigeria. I was depressed because Maitama Sule is now blind, and yet with the mental image of a nation ruined by denials of its failures. And soon as I returned to Abuja, I put on my computer to watch the videos of a 20-something-year-old Maitama Sule in the early 1960’s screaming that “Northern Nigeria is not a backward region!” I was lost in the blues of a familiar misery. I compared that young and ambitious Maitama Sule to the defeated old and blind philosopher I saw in Zaria. And that was when, with tears in my heart, I muttered: May God save us from us!


Gimba Kakanda maintains a Friday column for the Abuja-based Blueprint Newspapers. He tweets from @gimbakakanda


Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija.

Gbenga Olorunpomi

Gbenga Olorunpomi: APC – When a few good men choose to be selfless (Y! Politico)

by Gbenga Olorunpomi

Gbenga Olorunpomi

The proverbial wind has blown and PDP’s bum-bum is on public viewing. So, I won’t waste my time on that lot anymore. Their calamitous end crawls ever nearer.

This piece could easily have been a serious bashing for the shenanigans of some unscrupulous, demonic and undoubtedly cowardly characters within the Nigerian Presidency, the People’s Democratic Party and the Independent National Electoral Commission. These misguided and undemocratic elements allegedly hatched plot to ensure that the effort of the newly formed All Progressives Congress comes to nought, by short-circuiting the laid down processes for the registration of political parties in Nigeria. Their game was to unbalance and throw spanners into the engine of the opposition and get them to be distracted in their work of regaining Nigeria back for the people.

Using up a hundred paragraphs to insult those goons would ultimately be a waste, even if a satisfactory one for this writer.  But I won’t rise to that bait. Their plan has been expertly and roundly exposed by a dogged online media, amply aided by the silly individual, who couldn’t use the delete button before sending out a emails obviously ladened with falsehood . The proverbial wind has blown and PDP’s bum-bum is on public viewing. So, I won’t waste my time on that lot anymore. Their calamitous end crawls ever nearer.

Let me talk about one subject many people have been asking me since the merger talks went from a mere handshake to a full bear hug. Everyone wanted to know, “Won’t the ambition of perennial presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, scuttle the talks? Will Bola Tinubu shelve  his desire for the top job for someone else? Can those two even sit in the same room to discuss issues?”

Like every onlooker, I also had my doubts. The opposition parties that were involved in the talks had more than six men who had at one point or the other expressed their wish to be the president of Nigeria. And, you know men and their egos. I thought it was going to be a big sticking point but choose to watch the drama and support them with my prayers.

Now, imagine my joy when my role model and former boss, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, said these words in an interview last week: “We came into this merger with nobody having any personal ambition. All of us were told to put our own interests or personal ambitions aside. This merger has come because nobody went in with any condition or with any request for anything.”

Now, I have adored many men in my life and Ribadu is one of them. The man’s honesty and quest for the truth is legendary, so when he said these words, I believed them and jumped for joy.

This showed that this merger is truly a clean slate, one being pursued by people of genuine intentions. Now, before you go calling me naive, of course, not everyone would be totally devoid of ambition but that the big players have demonstrated restraint and commitment to this marriage is something worthy of commentary and emulation.

I know there lies ahead a rough road for the APC in their quest to remove Nigeria from the bondage of the PDP. I also understand that the new association still has a lot to do to convince most of us that they are the real deal, with measurable plans to turn around the economy of Nigeria. I also concur that they need to show they have the national spread and political strength to defeat the ruling PDP. However, I choose to see the fact that personal ambitions were set aside to make the merger happen as good omen for what is to come.

This is what gives me hope. And for a man at his wits end for the embarrassing performance of the PDP, this is good enough for me to begin dreaming about a good future for my little girl. I wish the APC, and all Nigerians, the best.


Gbenga Olorunpomi is a senior digital marketing strategist. He has over 5 years in the marketing communications business and has designed social media strategies for major brands like Coca-Cola and The Economist.  He is experienced in the media, having worked for two years at one of the country’s biggest public relations firms as Media Relations and Content Manager. Gbenga is a Principal Consultant with Cyborg Nigeria. He is affiliated to the ACN. He tweets from @gbengagold


Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija.

“What did you do with the N8.3 trillion given to you?”- Ribadu tasks Northern governors

by Rachel Ogbu

Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, has asked governors of 19 Northern States to account for the N8.3 trillion given to their states between 1999 and 2010.

According to the former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), there is hardly anything to show for the huge resources at the state and local government levels. Ribadu said that despite the fact that each of the 414 local governments in the north has budget in excess of that of the entire Northern Region under the late Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello, successive administrations in the region have failed to meet the expectations of the people.

“We have got a problem with our country and we all know it and therefore we do not need to be constantly reminded of it for it is an issue that we confront in our daily lives, in our schools, and our interaction with the police, in the army or SSS, customs and immigration offices, prisons, the legislature, the ministries, hospitals, in our courts and in the private sector as well like our banks, markets and not to mention, the media are daily awashed with mind boggling reports on corruption all over the country. Most of us here may be wondering how and when corruption took charge of our lives?” he said.

Ribadu said this in a paper in Kano at a two-day summit of Northern Development Focus Initiative (NDFI), he blamed the problem on corruption and said it was unfortunate that 90 per cent of the nation’s resources were stolen by public officials.

“When Major Nzeogwu made his speech to justify the takeover of power on January 15th, 1966, he mentioned that the military took over because the first republic politicians were collecting ten percent bribes. (Though I am in disagreement with his assumption given the achievements recorded with the paltry sum) but nonetheless it is presupposed that at least they were using 90 percent of the resources to do the work,” Ribadu said.

An excerpt of the paper reads:

“It would be great to pause the question ‘What is happening now’? It is either the other way around: public officials taking away 90 percent and using 10 percent to work or even out rightly looting of the treasury. In fact, from recent reports, a lot of money is stolen from the source, that it does not even make its way to the treasuries of the many governments in the country today.

“To be fair, it is important to mention that there is corruption in every society including all the advanced countries. However the irony is it has not stopped development. There was corruption in the first republic too. But it was dealt with effectively and it was not allowed to be the cancer that it is now. It was not as widespread and as rampant in scale and magnitude as it is now.

“As I was writing this paper I stumbled on a tweet that got me thinking that read as follows, “The revenue Nigeria received for the whole of last year (2012) from the sale of crude oil is more than the yearly aid, the entire sub Saharan Africa received. Where is the money, where is the improvement?” This was a question posed to us by the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

“For starters, I would like to take a walk with you down memory lane on our recent past as a region. Sir Ahmadu Bello the first and only Premier of Northern Nigeria and his lieutenants, most of blessed memories, led this vast region effectively for just about a decade.

“Keenly look at what they were able to achieve, largely with internally generated revenue because there was no oil then or it was insignificant in the revenue profile of the country. The last annual budget by the late Sardauna for the whole north was just 44 million pounds.

“It is important to state that with this scanty resource, they were able to maintain law and order and ensure effective security of life and property for this vast region. They built Ahmadu Bello University , the largest in sub-Sahara Africa; they built Ahmadu Bello Stadium one of the largest and best in Africa at that time. They built NNDC, the largest black owned conglomerate in black Africa; they built many textile factories, good roads, marketing boards, efficient water supply where it was available and good sanitation, well planned urban areas with trees and good hospitals with ambulances; good primary and secondary schools; Kaduna Polytechnic that is the largest in black Africa .

“Northern Nigeria which Sir Ahmadu Bello led at independence is now 19 states, the federal capital territory Abuja and 414 local government areas. These 19 states and over four hundred local government areas got a total of N8.3 trillion from the federation account between 1999 and 2010.

“ We know quite well that every one of these local government areas has budgets per annum that is more than the budget of the entire northern region of old. Can we please emulate the glowing examples of Sardauna?

“My take is that they were not corrupt and that was the reason they achieved so much with so little. What is really happening now with all these huge sums have?

“These local government areas do not even repair township drainages. They do not maintain existing markets and motor parks amongst many other things that would take a while to mention.

“Nobody knows what they generate as revenue internally because all the sums quoted in the reports and newspapers are just what they get from the federation account monthly. They hardly meet in council except when there are subventions to be shared.

“The state governments are mostly not fairing any better. Some of the states have governors that are doing some commendable developmental initiatives but many of them just need our prayers. Governance has been reduced to periodic elections. Once a governor gets elected, he or she will start planning for a second term; and as soon he or she gets a second term, the scheme to be president or vice president will start being initiated.

“For those who are not going to be either president or vice president, the retirement house for many governors is now the Senate on top of installing his preferred successor.

“Today, if the legislators are doing their work effectively, many who are appointed ministers or commissioners wouldn’t have been there.

“Their oversight functions are now reduced to visit to ministries and agencies to get packages. Even monies that are appropriated as budgets, the committees of the legislature are part of those being awarded contracts by these departments in addition to their very generous constituency allowance that is not subject to any check and balances.

“To make matters worse, many legislators, especially from the northern states, hardly attend sittings to defend the interests of their constituents. They are mostly busy traveling to various parts of the world with their new found wealth.

“There are a few of them who are very good but I do not know when most of these distinguished and honourables will sit down to really distinguish themselves in their primary duties of making laws for the good governance of the society.

“The judiciary is supposed to be the last hope of the common man. Justice is an attribute of God and is the real foundation of any egalitarian society. It is sad to say that the judiciary in Nigeria has of recent times become the main legitimizing institution for any corrupt practice.

“When you rig an election it is the judiciary that gives validity to that election, when the politicians are not in agreement, a judge will give a helping hand to the one with more power and money. When you steal public money and the anti-corruption agencies charge you to court it is the judiciary that cleanse that illegally acquired wealth and makes what is unlawful (Haram) to be lawful (Halal) it may be made Halal by the judges but the society knows it is not and God knows one day we will account for all these deeds, if not now then certainly later; and if not here then definitely in the hereafter