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Simon Kolawole: One burial and six funerals

Beware of Boko Haram this season! It is very predictable that the militants will try to carry out attacks during this festive period. That is a no-brainer. Life is nothing but unpredictable. As I...

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WATCH: #DanaCrash plane “ran out of fuel”

by Akan Ido An aviation expert, Benson Ikponwosa, has attributed the crash of Dana Airline which occurred in June to shortage of fuel. Ikponwosa, who was a guest at the Channels Television breakfast show,...

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Opinion: Do state governments need commissioners?

by Tonnie Iredia Commissioners are neither appointed nor retained in Nigeria to do any meaningful work. Instead, they are essentially mere disposable elements at the whims and caprices of the ‘Almighty Governor’. Section 147(1)...