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Photo of the Day: Ladies, would you settle for this on your wedding day?

by Akan Ido

Most, if not all, ladies look forward to their wedding day – dressed like a queen in a flowing gown and basically being the cynosure of all eyes but the couple below are getting the same results in a different, incredibly modest way.

The couple featured in the picture below riding, not in a Rolls Royce or a Range Rover, bit a wooden cart pushed by the grooms-men. Hilarious, isn’t it?

Ladies, check out the photo below and tell us if you’ll ever settle for this – remember, it’s the love that matters.

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[Photo credit: H/T OnlyInNigeria]


WTH! Ladies, would you wear this on your wedding day? (LOOK)

by Akan Ido

We’re kind of wondering what the informed the choice of the bride’s dress and the colour of her bouquet but finding answers to those mind-numbing questions pales into insignificance when you consider her bridesmaids outfit. WTH!

Well, we’ll leave you with this hard simple question: would you show up like this on your wedding day?

Let’s have your say.

doctor couple

Newlywed Doctor kills wife and himself minutes after wedding reception

by Damilola Jagun

A 54-year-old Doctor, George Scott Samson has murdered his wife and himself, shortly after their wedding reception at the Ohio Building in Terre Haute on Saturday evening.

According to Indystar, Samson got into an argument with his bride, 50-year old Kelly Ecker, in the presence of guests at their wedding party. The cause of the disagreement was believed to be the prenuptial agreement between the newly wedded pair.

The doctor reportedly screamed at her, saying, “You’ll never get your hands on my money.” After the dispute became intense, most of the guests decided to leave the wedding reception.

doctor couple1

Less than five minutes later, Samson reportedly shot his wife in cold blood and subsequently shot himself.

Apparently, the bride, Ecker had dialled 911, but officers would arrive 30 minutes later at the couple’s Terre Haute home to find the body of Ecker, fatally shot in the head and neck and in the basement the body of Samson, who had taken his own life with a 45-caliber semi automatic pistol.

Wedding dress1

3,000 metre-long! This may be the longest wedding dress of all time (PHOTOS)

by Damilola Jagun

For her wedding, a Chinese woman, Jing Mei wore a gown which had 3,000 metre long train, and weighed 50kg.

Wedding dress4

Apart from going for the spectacular, Jing is also hoping to have the wedding dress verified as the longest in the world by the Guinness World Records.

Wedding dress3


She said, “It started off as a mad idea and then we thought we could actually make it happen. We’re both delighted with the result and we are definitely going to contact Guinness World Records to get them to agree that this is an official record breaking dress.”

Wedding dress2
The outrageously long wedding dress cost £4,000 and required the help of 40 bridesmaids, for Jing to get around.


@Oddy4real : As my friend @TundeLeye goes to jail today

by Ayokunle Odekunle

I grew up learning some few but very important lessons.

One of them was : KEEP VERY FEW FRIENDS AND KEEP AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE OUT OF REACH. Infact, my parents would regularly admonish me never to be caught in the midst of riff-raffs.  They would say “You are an Eagle and should never be caught in the midst of chicken. You should roll with people of your calibre or people that are even better.“

With that in my mind, I have become very very selective with my choice of friends. That is why today, there are very few people i can call FRIENDS.

I read this guy’s piece on Mercy Abang’s NewswireNGR and oh my! Instantly, I craved permission from him for us (YNaija) to use his piece. I checked his Twitter profile and  saw that he had 5,000 followers. At the time, I had just 1,250. I chilled! I wondered aloud whether this guy (OverLord) will follow me back as I wanted to get his number to call him. Well, as a man of faith (Like Abraham), I followed him and he promptly followed back. I sent him a DM asking for his phone number, pronto, he sent it. I called him. He sounded as cool as cucumber on phone. I  asked him for permission for use his pieces and he agreed.

L-R Tunde, myself and Kelvin Erhonsele (Extreme Right)

L-R Tunde, myself and Kelvin Erhonsele (Extreme Right)

I cant say whether that was where our friendship started from or not. We started talking regularly on phone but had NEVER met. Then, one week, my firm sent me to Federal High Court, Uyo to represent a Multi National Company there for a week. On Friday, Tunde pinged me to tell him he had to do the prize-giving day of his WRITE-RIGHT event at Ember creek, Ikoyi, on Sunday. That Sunday arrived and I was at Bar Enclave with @MrEnclave , @UcheBriggs, @Marutsy and others. I had downed like 3 bottles of stout and our conversation was making sense (As always). Then I remembered I had to go to Ember Creek for Tunde. It was not  convenient  but  I just had to go. Myself and  my colleague; Kelvin Erhonsele, were at Ember Creek to honour this young man.

Later, I needed columnists for Y! FrontPage for Y!Naija which is a weekly column. I had no problems convincing Tunde to join. And his depth, brillance and consistency astounds me as Tunde has for over 5 months CONSISTENTLY churned out his pieces EVERY Monday.

I really am short of words to describe Tunde but 2 words describe him: Ambitious and Quintessential.

I admire Tunde a whole lot and have learnt a lot from him.

I started re-considering my vow not to date a babe (Because of one nasty heartbreak that happened in 2012)  after I visited him one Sunday afternoon and his fiancee waS cooking one nice stew and chicken. Oh! my. Myself and Tunde were having a conversation but I found myself saying rubbish .I was not comfortable as I was so shy I couldn’t tell Tunde I want to eat. Pronto, I stood up and told Tunde i would be on my way. On my way back home, I pinged him to thank him for oppressing me as I am a bachelor (A glorified one) who would have to go home and settle for noddles while Tunde is being treated to some delicacy by his wife.


OloriSupergal, Tunde, Myself and Victor Mbidi of Channels TV

I can go on and on about Tunde.

It is however a pity I wont make his wedding. I had looked forward to drinking as many bottles of stout in the place and engaging in meaningful discussions with Demola Rewaju while downing some unfortunate bottles of Stout but there are office engagements I have to perform today…unfortunately.

His fiancee, Foluso is getting married to one of the faces of this generation, one whose future is brighter than that of a bleaching girl and one of the very few people I look up to (Yes, he is called Stocky Dingbat but he is taller than I am).

I wish Tunde conjugal bliss and I hope I can join him in the club in  at least the next five years. I know he will be sentenced to life imprisonment today… I hope he doesn’t get parole and leave. You know what I mean? May Tunde and Foluso grow to love each other more even when all the physical attractiveness is waning.

Amen somebody?


Lawyer by day, writer by night, Ayokunle Odekunle is a Graduate of the University of Ibadan where he was the Most Outstanding Student for the year 2011.

He tweets from @Oddy4real


Love in the strangest place: 81-year-old billionaire weds 24-year-old Playboy model (PHOTOS)

by Damilola Jagun


He’s not walking her down the aisle to marry her husband. No, he’s not! She’s his newly married bride, and believe it or not, they are in love.

On Saturday, 13 September, 24-year-old German Playboy model, Cathy Schmitz wedded the love of her life, 81 year old Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner.

Schmitz said, “We did not intend to fall in love. It just happened. Love knows no age.” The 57-year age difference couldn’t affect the wedding from taking place, as the couple got married at the Schönbrunn Palace, Austria.

[slideshow_deploy id='305155']

Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner Richard is famous for paying a high-profile celebrity as escorts, most recently paying Kim Kardashian $500,000 to attend the annual Vienna Opera Ball, as his date.

His past dates have included Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Nicollette Sheridan and Carmen Electra.

Lugner, who is walking down the aisle for the fifth time, said to reporters, “Hopefully, this time it’s the right thing.”

Ehi Igb

Aww, how sweet: Ex-governor Lucky Igbinedion’s daughter gets engaged

by Akan Ido

Ehi Igbinedion, one of the daughters of former governor of Edo State, Lucky Igbinedion is engaged.

The pretty lady joyfully announced the good news on her Instagram page moments ago brandishing a flawless engagement ring.

Check it out below:

Ehi Igbinedion

She accompanied the photo with the caption: “I said “YES” to my bestfriend, love of my life, the man of my dreams and my divine gift from God. I love you with all my heart baby and I look forward to a wonderful life with you.”

Aww, isn’t that sweet? We wish Ehi and her fiance the best.

Beyonce bride

Oopsy! Beyoncé crashes wedding in Italy wearing a bikini (LOOK)

by Akan Ido

An Italian bride got the greatest surprise on her wedding day as super-couple, Beyonce and Jay Z inadvertently crashed her event on Saturday.

The multi-award winning artistes had apparently decided to visit a local church in Portofino, Italy when they discovered that a wedding ceremony was underway.

The 33-year-old was show-stopping in her black and pink floral bikini top, and a long pink skirt that was slit all the way to the top of her thigh. She also wore striped flip flops, a straw hat and cat-eye sunglasses over her minimally made-up face.

The beautiful bride didn’t seem anyway bothered by the rude interruption as she posed happily for pictures with the ‘Drunk in Love’ star.

Check out the pictures below:

Happy to share the spotlight: The bride was thrilled to have the singer be a part of her wedding


Whoops: Beyonce and Jay Z apparently went to visit a local church and then discovered nuptials were taking place


Open arms: The 33-year-old wrapped an arm around the bride so they could pose together

Lesbian couplee

Dating since World War II: 90-year-old lesbian couple finally get married (LOOK)

by Damilola Jagun

After dating for 72 years, an American lesbian couple have finally gotten married.

Last weekend, the pair, 91-year-old Vivian Boyack, and 90-year-old Alice Dubes, tied the knot in the Iowa, United States, after being in a relationship since 1942.

Lesbian couple


They exchanged vows in front of a small group of family and close friends at the First Christian Church in Davenport.

Reverend Linda Hunsaker, who presided over the long-awaited ceremony, told the couple and their guests that, “This is a celebration of something that should have happened a very long time ago.”

The state of Iowa started allowing same-sex marriage in 2009.

Omawumi (3)

Wedding bells! Awwww…….Omawumi is officially engaged (LOOK)

by Kolapo Olapoju

Omawumi is the next celebrity to make the walk down the aisle.


The music star is engaged to Tosin Yusuf, the father of her daughter, who she has been involved in a well-guarded romance for quite some time.



The engagement news was broken by her BBF, Singer, Waje, who shared on her Instagram account, the fact that Omawumi had been engaged.


In a recent interview on Channels TV’s Sunrise programme, she hinted on getting married, saying, “I will probably get married next year. We might do a location wedding or a local wedding. Warri is a good destination.”