Temitope Shittu-Alamu: My age group rocks more; I think

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12 Responses

  1. Adedoyin @i_fix_you says:

    Funny and realistic piece up there..thumbs up

  2. Oluwaseun Daniels says:

    This is hilarious!!!Lovely piece! Thumbs up

  3. JIMOH Omotayo says:

    Well! the reduction in the quality of life and collapse of entertainment industry is really alarming. I was gutted last friday when I watched soundcity top-ten countdown without meaningful african flair on the musical chat. Nudity scenes became the order of the day as they are motivated to copy the likes of lady gaga and nicky minaj. My heart became citadel of disgust as pple like Davido, Dbanj, Tiwa savage are preffered to the likes of Dare Art Alade, Asa, Paul Play dairo etc. I am very scared of what the future will bring..

  4. Yomi says:

    I suddenly laughed! Sooo true…

  5. luchi says:

    Fuuny piece dear. Thumbs up!

  6. Agboola says:

    Very interesting article this is. did this Temitope Shittu-Alamu attend CDSS abuja? i know one!

  7. Oluwaseun says:

    M a 199_ sumtin kid ooo nd i noe konko below well well …..i lyk ur write-up….itz kul….buh on a more sruz note….our music industry is an impending disaster

  8. oluwafunke says:

    Our music industry, followed by d movie industry, both are in serious jeopardy. I was speaking with a friend recently nd he said its now so bad u can’t even writedown the lyrics of a song. Its eida it doesn’t make sense or it doesn’t have lyrics sef. Just yest I listened to a couple of K Sunny Ade songs nd I was on my feet dancing. Y wud a wateva year old dropout for wateva reason be telling me to axe my mummy? So now its violence we see to preach abi? Its just totally crazy! I pray we dnt lose it completely, I really Pray we don’t,…… Welludone Tope. Tanx for sharing!!

  9. LOL! But how could you mention Konko Below in 2012 lol… Loved the article! I’m smiling… But no, my age group rocks more *does Gangnam Style*

  10. Temidee says:

    Iguess those of us in your age group can begin to say “in my time/days”,lol. Good read

  11. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t deny the fact that there’s a huge degree of nudity in Nigerian music videos and movies, but I don’t think I’ll agree with you guys when you say the industry is in jeopardy. Like seriously? Are you guys still living in the 20th century? I mean, King Sunny Ade is a great musician, I’m not gonna disagree with that. But that was years ago. This is now and the world has evolved. Change is constant. People won’t dance konko below anymore ’cause it’s 2012 not 2001. If the whole world remained stagnant, do you think we’d have reached this level of development. People change, their taste change. You either move with it or don’t move at all.

    Besides, there are a whole bunch of genres out there. If a song doesn’t interest you, pick something else. Music is either meant to pass a message or be fun. It’s not mandatory for something to please you.

  12. Femi Agtsih says:

    On point, as always. Just about 2 months ago, a family friend finished from one of these private universities, and she was about 19! It’s definitely not on account of her genius.

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